Ice’s Blood build

Here is my Death Knight Blood macro build // Named: -=ICE=-_BLOOD

*** REBUILD // Updated June 5. in 2020 ***

A complete rebuild of the macro, that should provide a better flow… :crossed_fingers:

But still pretty damn simple! :sunglasses:

When you are out of combat, it will cast Death’s Caress.

In combat you tab a dead ally, and it will cast Raise Ally on them.

Fun stuff! If you tab a dead out of combat, the corps will explode :exploding_head:

Extra Defense! Press ‘Shift’ for Anti-Magic Shell and ‘Ctrl’ for Icebound Fortitude.

Auto key speed @ 125ms (Why do I run with 125ms?!)


Usage Information

Extra defence press…

  • Shift: Anti-Magic Shell
  • Ctrl: Icebound Fortitude

This Sequence was exported from GSE 2.5.8.
Macro Version 1
Step Function: Sequential

KeyPress: Raise Ally, Anti-Magic Shell, Icebound Fortitude, Dancing Rune Weapon, Death Strike, Death and Decay, Blood Boil

Main Sequence: Corpse Exploder, Heart Essence, Vampiric Blood, Death and Decay, Marrowrend, Heart Strike, Death Strike, Dancing Rune Weapon, Blood Boil

KeyRelease: Death’s Caress

Hello What MS for this Macro?

I use Razar Naga

@Gudwin_21346 Arg sorry m8, forgot to put that in… Just updated my post :slight_smile:

Interesting Macro

Couple things:

  • Bonestorm - The way you have it in the macro it fires off sometimes immediately or barely with 10-20 ruinic power - defeats the purpose of even choosing that talent if you waste it like that (imo)

  • Dancing Rune Weapon - Another ability that prolly shouldn’t be fired off automatically but rather bound to another key (or mod) but if looking for one button does all macro then not entirely a bad thing to leave in as is

  • Corpse Exploder - Why is that in there ? It hasn’t been part of any DPS rotation since Legion ?

  • Raise Ally - Raising the dead automatically in a script ? Never seen that in a GSE macro before. Does that even work? Interesting.

Nice and thank you for a very thorough response, cool m8 :+1:

Let’s start by saying it can certainly be optimized. There was a focus on everything going along neat and sweet, and preferably in a ‘floating’ rotation. Nothing advanced, and yes, it will certainly lower damage :thinking:

With the points you mention, I will not deny that a new edition may be on the way, but the focus will still be to keep it very simple, even if it ‘hurts’ the DPS.

As for Corpse Exploder and Raise Ally, it’s just for fun, they have no influence on the rotation, except when you tap a dead mob :partying_face:

By the way, very cool UI you got… :sunglasses:

@usmcguy And a little note, can you try to ajust your auto-click-key, so you put in a 50ms between push-down and -up, and 200ms delay, so that is a total of 250ms, but with a small break in the click. Promises that it will surely give you a different result, hopefully for the better :innocent: