Igz One-Button High Key Shadow Priest 10.1 - 125k DPS OVERALL

Hello everyone! I have been working on this tuning it since the patch came out and am ready to let you all have a taste of it. Like the title says, I have been running it in high keys 18-21 and am pulling around 115-130k overall at the end depending on pull sizes. I am pretty happy with the performance so far, let me know what you all think!

Run at 50 MS, I run in a 30-70 variable range and it performs well.
Shift - Shadow Crash on cursor (Will not shadow crash in the main macro)
CTRL - Shackle undead for Incorporeal
Alt - Mass dispel

Enjoy my fellow exorcists!



One Button ST & AOE Macro (Send shadow crash with Shift and watch the world burn)


Usage Information

Run @50ms

This macro contains 2 macro templates. This Sequence was exported from GSE 3.1.37.

  • The Default macro template is 2

Updated: 6AUG2023 - Talents and macro updated for 10.1.5

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i find this macro locks up after a 20 seound doesnt cast for 5 secounds

Is it a certain spell that isnt popping off? I have noticed Halo doesn’t like to function in macros in the past, maybe try disabling that block? I’m not sure as it works flawlessly for me.

I am also using it at 441iLvl with 37% haste, that could play a big factor with your MS: Insanity and Mind Blast availability. As with all macros, you need to alter the MS for your personal uses.

Hey, wanna try your macro out but when I try to Import your Talents it says they are outdated … and cant find any way to see the talents you use :confused: Any updated talents ? would be awesome <3

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i tried but it does nothing and i tried to do the force key options and eveything

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Yer I think it a lack of haste. I’m only 403 ilvl I have adjusted the me and it working perfectly. Thank

u need to be in combat for it work

i use the ones from wow head

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Well ok, I gonna try to put “mindgames” inside the macro and tweek it that it starts without manually using another spell to get into fight :open_mouth: but thanks ^^

just right click the mob should do it

nope, sadly this dont work. have to apply “shadowword: pain” (or another spell) manually before I´m able to fire the macro. Kinda confusing, every other macro I use dont need this “start spell” to unlock the macro x.x which is sad, I really like this macro and wanted to use it

This is correct and intended, all of the spells are meant to only be triggered in combat to prevent pulling non-needed packs in M+, holding shift will send a shadow crash as your opener to initiate combat, or usually what I will do is Vampiric touch manually while the tank is grouping mobs or simply bubble the tank to start combat and go from there.

As for the talents I apologize, I use the current Meta talents on IV/Wowhead with a small change as I use Void Touched instead of Ancient Madness for a little more single target DPS. The talent string is listed below.



As for your “starter spell” difficulties, simply remove the “,combat” from the macro strings and they will fire automatically. Or just from whatever spell you would like to pull with and it will start on its own.

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After testing and following your steps (remove combat and adding mindgames) I have to say: I like your macro :slight_smile: works great :smiley:

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Fantastic macro i must say. I have removed all mods from macro and using those spells manually and i like the thing that it aint attacking unless in combat. So many times i have pulled some extra packs due to it but with this its not :slight_smile:
Damage is really good and i did an 8 with 415 ilevel and with PvP gear so i lack alot of crit but still i had 85k average on Full dungeon.
Thank you for this @lolgnome :muscle:

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Thanks guys! I am so glad it is working well for you all!

One side tip, during voidform windows, the macro sometimes cannot keep up with the devouring plague and void bolt availability, it will work fine during it but if you want to maximize it you can macro both of those abilities and spam manually. Just ran a 20 ULD with it and came out on top at 145k overall!

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What does it mean to bubble the tank?

Bubble the Tank with Power Word: Shield is what it means.
If its not then im wrong :slight_smile:

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This is correct, since healing spells put you in combat if the target is in combat, you can throw a renew or a PWS on the tank as they are grouping and it will enter you in combat.

really liking this macro on my rat shadow priest jw whats the diff between v1 and v2

To be able to use the macro without needing to cast something, look at the bottom in the keypress section and remove combat from the Vampiric Touch… Doesn’t need to be combat there since thats the first cast per target.

/castsequence [nochanneling] reset=target Vampiric Touch, Null