Is anyone working on any Dragonflight ele lazymacros?

I am searching to see if I can find any new lazymacros for my shaman going into Dragonflight. I know its still the first phase of the pre-patch, but was hoping to see something simple to use to replace those I already am using for my Shaman.

Give it time, most people are busy with adjusting their addons or waiting for updates of the broken addons.
i say give it a few weeks, and if you really can’t wait you can always try to make one.

I wish I knew how those are created. I’m no stranger to work spreadsheets and database setups and most general computer software uses, but doing macros as complex as LazyMacros are, I am at a complete loss.

I have been working in the new HUD setup to redo some of the macros you can create using Bliz’s own macro maker (at least that is simple enough for me). I’ve managed to do a few small and quick ones that do work with damage abilities I can weave in between my healing on my shaman.

I’ve actually pulled samples from Icy Veins’ webpage and used those to slip my own talents in place of the ones they show. I have to keep in mind that the longest cooldown one is placed first. And I usually only stick to 2 or at most 3 different skills. These work for the lull in my healing pretty well.

But I really like a few I got from this site that offered more complexity which throws out a totem in the middle but when I tried that with my own macro in the Bliz macro maker, it falls flat. So I’m missing how it works.

I did try using the gse format once…well, let’s just say it was an interesting attempt.


I have a WIP that I am currently testing, please try it and provide feedback.