Is it possible to add a rate system?

I know its hard to make macros but also there a alot that dont work very well so instead of downloading and trying them all out let us use a 5 star system to rate how the macro works? Or at least let us see the macro commands again instead of code?

This comes up ever so often. The problem is the only person who can meaningfully rank macros for you … is you.

I tried in the past (Nominations for: GS-E WLM High Performance Macros) and it was a shit show. No one could agree on what was a good macro.

i agree with timothy. some people would give the macro a 5 cuz it works how they want it to work, while others would give it a 1 cuz its not working the way they like. also, every macro isnt going to work the same for everybody as it does for the creator. i know i have to adjust a macro sometimes a lil to make it work the best for me. like changing the ms for my game speed.

ok thanks, yeah I see your points about ratings. But how difficult would it be to show the actual macro instead of the code?

Well since leaving it in game I have had a 900000% drop in “I can’t import” problems so this is not something I have any intention of reverting.

If you want to code a plug-in for discourse and maintain it every time I change GSE - you are more than welcome to both learn lua and JavaScript and go for it.