Izzerri Evoker devastation 11/20/2022

As always let me know what I can improve on to make this work better.

OK this is my first attempt, little behind everyone else. but it is running ok. Is a work in progress

Starting with single target will add AoE soon

Single Target


Usage Information

run at 250

version 1 - 11/19/2022

This macro contains 2 macro templates. This Sequence was exported from GSE 3.1.20.

  • The Default macro template is 1

I have always liked your macros as they seem to do well for me, i’m not advanced enough to say what if anything needs improving but it seems to be doing some decent damage for me with my crappy gear.

interested to see how you tweak this

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Evoker is overenginereed and overpower atm.

Im topping DPS too with 251 ilvl.

Lets see how much can we enjoy as it is, till blizzard nerf us STRONG hehe


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SSSHHHHHH, Blizzard might hear this and nerf them. lol


Hi Izzi,

Ty for the macro. I did noticed that sometimes it starts to cast a spell channel and then it appears to start to case a different spell, so the previous never finished. Is this me doing something wrong? Some times I see multiple spells get skipped because of this, I am running at 250 MS. Also, I did noticed one of the spell below is misspelled or Im I looking at it wrong: I put in bold just to point it out which part.

/castsequence [channeling:eternal surge] reset=combat/target Eternity Surge,

thank you I will have to fix that, been cross eyed lately look at the screen all day lol.

Yeah the smart casting is a pain. I am trying to find a good work around for it.

let me fix that line and update the post.

OK updated with error fixed, yeah that helped a bit. let me know how that is working now if you would please.

Seems to run better on mine so far.

Yes, seems to be working batter on a dummy, will test more in M+. Is version 2 a work in progress of version 1?

Thanks again.

version 2 has the fire spell that flies you in straight line hitting all mobs, wife wanted it in there. Thought I took it out before sharing. lol oh well bonus spell added I guess. Only difference.

Im killing it with this macro thanks so much cant wait for aoe to be added

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This is working pretty well for me as well. I am getting 2.5 - 4.8k damage, and I am ilevel 225 at the moment. thx again

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no problem, glad I can help

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Hi Izzi

Will there be an AoE macro ? :slight_smile:
great macro so far :slight_smile:


Hi all, my first post here. :slight_smile:

Decided to register to say thanks as this macro is awesome. Been using GSE for a few expansions now so I’m not a complete noob lol.

Saying that I learnt a few nifty things from this macro.

Anyhow from this basis I tweaked and twiddle a bit and modified the macro to my tastes (i use alt and ctrl mods for quick access to other stuff)

For the AoE a good start would be to copy whole macro and replace disintegrate with pyre.

Once again thanks for the macro.

Yeah I been meaning to get to the AOE of this spell been a few macros that jumped up on my list of thing to get done. Will try to get it done soon

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i did what this guy said and worked nicely !

Loving this one. Looking orward to the aoe. one question tho (sorry i yourve already answered it). when the empowerment spells start to cast somewtimes they dont make it to the irst bar and then cancel. In setting is it best to have it on push or hold and release ?

still working on the casting of the empowered spells, I was talking to @Elfyau and we were talking about the preferred cast times of the empowered spells, I am going to have to look at this macro again and make sure it is casting as it should be cast.

Right now I am trying to work through an issue on my lock macro, and focusing my efforts to fix that issue so I can drop it out for people to use, and almost scared to touch a macro that is not having the issue, until I know why the demo macro is broken. I would hate to mess up a macro that is working ok at this point.

Try with 0.825 msec :slight_smile:


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yeah you can increase ms speed, I am still trying to build with ms around 250, so everyone feels safer, as it is recommended.