Izzerri Evoker devastation 11/20/2022

In another word, that’s about 82ms. I thought you guys always want slow speed. The slower the better? :slight_smile:

To me @250ms kinda slow, what I was thinking it should be executed around 150ms. That’s my opinion.

Thank you for posting this macro!

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I totally understand, I think the average person can click faster, but people feel safer, and is less likely to get flagged for using outside software at slower speeds, it just makes writing macros a little more difficult, because you really have to time everything better, then just having the program smash buttons for at a super fast rate. The old macros I wrote at 100ms were far easier to write because it would spam smash spells faster until one spell was off cooldown and stuck.

So it takes us, the creators, a little more time and effort to get things running smooth, but is safer for the person using the macro. Not safe, because using any outside program, mouse, or keyboard that gives auto-fire is against the rules. But is less likely to draw attention to themselves when using a macro with such programs.

Again, I agree, most people can spam a button faster then 250ms. And far far faster if they keybind it to scroller wheel. But it is what it is.

strange must not have updated the talents, not sure of the differences with out seeing them.


Don’t get me Wrong here bro. I’m not against the theory of @250ms… but in the same time people can always choose to run whatever speed with the Macro created/provided/posted with Clearly stated “run it with @250ms”. I know what you gonna say, and this topic already been escalated so many times lately in the past few months. And, I’m tired of people disagree or agree relating with Speed Concept.

Whether it is a misconception or whatever it is… I stay away from this matter as much as I can. Because It is usually an no Ending debate that dragging over and over.


Like I said I agree with you, And I agree that people will continue to debate this. I have washed my hands of the debate, write the macros to run at 250. State to run them @250. Because that is the speed recommended to me. If people want to run them faster. By all means go ahead. But I am not going to ask them to run it faster, and have them blame me if they run it faster and get banned because I said to run it at breakneck speeds. Nor do I want them to think I do not have their best interest in mind when I create a macro by asking them or suggesting to them to run at speeds that could get them in trouble.

I honestly don’t know a person banned for outside software, but there has been enough posts about MS click rates for me not to listen.
Don’t get me wrong, I am not saying you don’t have peoples best interest in mind, just explaining why I say 250ms speeds.


That’s exactly what my point of view laid. We can put the title “Run it with @250”, but people sometimes do the otherwise and comeback Blame it on us. This is Why… I always stated “Find Your own Speed start from @250ms and do it as your Own Risk to Accept”. Happy Thanksgiving!

Hi Izzerri. Do I need to do anything in settings for the Fire Breath and Eternity Surge to work properly?

I may be misjudging it, but I seem to see them charge, but then often not go off (like in my damage meter Fire breath doesnt even appear as something I had cast).

Any idea what I might be doing wrong?

honestly those spells are a nightmare. What is working for some do not for others. You should not have to do anything but press the button. I have been meaning to look at this and the aoe version of this spec for a minute. With all the changes ton of changes and work to do. As for damage meter, I am not sure how or if it appears off the top of my head, I put the spell on my action bar, because I am working on the timing of the spell, if it is firing and how long is it up and not firing. I often pay less attention to the damage numbers of each spell unless it is a choice between two spells.

I know that is not much help to you. But see if the spell is firing off, if it has a cooldown it has been used.

I will be taking a look at this soon I hope.

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Hey @Izzi the ST version of this claps pretty hard. I notice it has a lot of burst out the gate, then sort of dies off a little bit. Can’t wait to see the AOE version. Just did an Uldaman where the tank would literally pull 4-5 rooms and AOE things down. Efen then I was coming in top DPS, or in second using ST spells and some of the frontal cone aoe spells.

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I made a mistake. The two spells (Fire breath and Eternity Surge) are generating damage, just not every time. I’ve watched the cooldown for fire breath carefully and that does actually cool down 1 out of every 2 or 3 “charges.” I believe that for some of those my target may be dying during the charge time, or maybe moving out of range. Thanks again for all your effort on this!

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I’m poking the bear here, but @Izzi how much longer till you publish the aoe for your macro?

lol was hoping to today hopefully tomorrow

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Evoker aoe macro is available now.

Also I am making plugins for all my macros, you can download them on curseforge and update them there. All future updates will be done on curseforge so it is easier to stay up to date when you use the curseforge app to update all your other addons.

As always I look forward to the feedback

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did you post the aoe code

it has it’s own download thread and the talents should be in gse.

thank you but here is what I don’t understand. the talent tree for aoe and st is different. so when I am pressing say 1 for single target on say a boss then the next pull is an aoe and I would press 2 for that pull. Currently since pressing 1 and the talent tree matches the dmg is awesome but now that im on the aoe macro my talent tree is still set to st and I will not benefit from the aoe talents. I really hope my thinking makes sense or is there a way to set the talent tree for each key?

no as of right now there is a single target build, and a AoE build two are totally different. Because that build if you want to focus on aoe.

I will make a single macro that will do both, but it will not be as focused and some of the damages will work, but not be optimal

/castsequence [channeling:eternal surge] reset=combat/target Eternity Surge,

Is that last line supposed to be eternal surge?