Izzi all in one evoker 12/02/2022

Long time ago I said I would make a st/aoe build. nomod = st mod:shift aoe

This macro is not as focused as my other two and still at 60, still no real game time yet, will be playing a lot soon and will update macros as I level my toons, plus make some I have yet to make. I have been trying to at least get some of the lvl 10-60s done when I have limited playtime.

This macro will be updated here EVOKER or you can find it using the curseforge addon, looking for new addon and searching GSE or izzi. All my macros will be posted here first and only updated by using the plugin.


Usage Information

run at 250

version 1 - 12/02/2022

This macro contains 1 macro template. This Sequence was exported from GSE 3.1.21.


Errors today. Current GSE. Delete/re-installed your macro. Still same errors. Hope this helps!

2x GSE3-izzi_Evoker/loaded.lua:39: attempt to index global ‘quences’ (a nil value)
[string “@GSE3-izzi_Evoker/loaded.lua”]:39: in main chunk

ModName = “GSE3-izzi_Evoker”
Sequences = {

GetTimestamp = defined @GSE/API/StringFunctions.lua:257
GetClassIcon = defined @GSE/API/CharacterFunctions.lua:66
Update3023 = defined @GSE/API/OneOffEvents.lua:15
GetResetOOC = defined @GSE/API/CharacterFunctions.lua:198
RequestSequence = defined @GSE/API/Serialisation.lua:331
GetMacroStringFormat = defined @GSE/API/StringFunctions.lua:375
CloneSequence = defined @GSE/API/Storage.lua:37
SplitCastSequence = defined @GSE/API/StringFunctions.lua:65
ObjectExists = defined @GSE/API/StringFunctions.lua:252
RemoveComments = defined @GSE/API/StringFunctions.lua:341
GetCurrentTalents = defined @GSE/API/CharacterFunctions.lua:109
UnregisterComm = defined @Accountant/Libs/CallbackHandler-1.0/CallbackHandler-1.0.lua:153
StopOOCTimer = defined @GSE/API/Events.lua:550
OutputQueue =
MediaPath = “Interface\Addons\GSE\Media”
PerformOneOffEvents = defined @GSE/API/OneOffEvents.lua:6
DebugDumpButton = defined @GSE/API/Storage.lua:536
GUISetColour = defined @GSE/API/StringFunctions.lua:369
TableDiff = defined @GSE/API/StringFunctions.lua:314
GSSlash = defined @GSE/API/Events.lua:458
LoadStorage = defined @GSE/API/Storage.lua:237
inDungeon = false
UsedSequences =
PerformPrint = defined @GSE/API/Init.lua:83
ImportCompressedMacroCollection = defined @GSE/API/Storage.lua:271
LoadWeakAura = defined @GSE/API/CharacterFunctions.lua:155
UpdateIcon = defined @GSE/API/Storage.lua:721
ADDON_LOADED = defined @GSE/API/Events.lua:195
RegisterMessage = defined @Accountant/Libs/CallbackHandler-1.0/CallbackHandler-1.0.lua:90
UnregisterMessage = defined @Accountant/Libs/CallbackHandler-1.0/CallbackHandler-1.0.lua:153
TranslateSpell = defined @GSE/API/Translator.lua:207
GetGCD = defined @GSE/API/CharacterFunctions.lua:18
SendCommMessage = defined @Ace3/AceComm-3.0/AceComm-3.0.lua:83
AddInPacks =
performVersionCheck = defined @GSE/API/Serialisation.lua:281
setActionButtonUseKeyDown = defined @GSE/API/CharacterFunctions.lua:272
UnregisterAllComm = defined @Accountant/Libs/CallbackHandler-1.0/CallbackHandler-1.0.lua:174
SetEnabledState = defined @Accountant/Libs/AceAddon-3.0/AceAddon-3.0.lua:420
ClassicGetSpellInfo = defined @GSE/API/Translator.lua:374
isSpecIDForCurrentClass = defined @GSE/API/CharacterFunctions.lua:84
ZONE_CHANGED_NEW_AREA = defined @GSE/API/Events.lua:103
DebugOutput = “”
Static =
StandardAddInPacks =
ToggleOOCQueue = defined @GSE/API/Events.lua:630
CheckOOCQueueStatus = defined @GSE/API/Events.lua:616
GROUP_ROSTER_UPDATE = defined @GSE/API/Events.lua:347
ProcessOOCQueue = defined @GSE/API/Events.lua:555
TranslatorAvailable = true
StartOOCTimer = defined @GSE/API/Events.lua:544
OnEnable = defined @GSE/API/Events.lua:539

2x GSE3-izzi_Evoker/loaded.lua:1 (null)

2x Interface\FrameXML\Bindings.xml:1 GSE3-izzi_Evoker/loaded.lua:1 (null)

let me see if I can fix that sure I did something stupid lol

working on it now. hopefully fixed soon.

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ok found the error on the plugin it should be working now. I am so sorry about that.

Is this for 60 or 70? :slight_smile:

no sadly it is not 70 yet, it is for 60. Says that in the write up. I Finally got to play for an hour or two last night. I will be playing a bunch and will have the macros to 70 very soon. mostly got to work on dragon flying last night.

It is fixed for me! Thank you.

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what mean run at 250
how to set up please in addon //gse ?

if you are using AHK or mouse/keyboard with auto push button features. make sure they are set to 250. If you are just pushing the macro hot key button no need to worry about the 250 ms

As for setting up the plugin,
-First step is having the curseforge app. You can get that here CURSEFORGE

  • Second Step open app and at the top of the addon you will see My Addons and get more addons, click on Get More Addons
    -Third step use the search bar and type GSE or izzi and it will find a list of addons/plugins
  • Fourth step hit install
  • Fifth step open up your game and type /gse
    -Sixth step click options at the bottom of the gse window
    -Seventh step click plugin
  • Eight step select the plugin you want and click it. That loads the macros
    -Ninth step select the macro you want, create icon and move it to the bar

That’s it!!

More then likely went to detailed, but was not sure at what step you needed help.

I hope that helped you

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open GSE then click on Options at the bottom. then just look at the pic here and you should be good.

ty for help ill do it

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is updated to lvl 70 ? how it going for ya guys

not yet working on all classes

Do you happen to know why I constantly get DC using this macro and others? Anything I could be doing wrong? Also, any update on this macro for 70? Thanks a bunch.

macro should not disconnect you, first I have heard of this. I believe evoker is the next one wife and I are leveling, so hopefully soon

Yeah, its wierd, only happens with Evoker Macros, my war is fine.

strange ST talents which are inside gse plugin are for 60lvl. AOE once are for 70lvl did i miss something there?

they should be in the plugin on curseforge.