JM FDK for Dragonflight

Heres my Current FDK macro,
UPDATE: no change to the macro but it now uses the OBLIT talent set up at Icey V.



This macro contains 1 macro template. This Sequence was exported from GSE 3.1.11.

for ease I’ve change my talent build to match the Icey Veins Oblit build, fortunately everything works perfect, while i still have variables for abom and frostwyrm they can be ignored or removed,

for talents
for ease for talents, just follow this link
Frost Death Knight DPS Spec, Builds, and Talents - Dragonflight 10.0.7 - World of Warcraft - Icy Veins (


Your macros have always been great. This one is no exception. Thanks


Thank you for the talent build

Hello i was going threw your Rotation i noticed there was a few Spells in the gse code that isnt in the talent build. like Frostwyrm’s fury Amonination limb are the 2 talents Do we take when we hit 70 or was that a mistake in the making of the rotation just wondering i did remove them also noticed Raise

what speed we run this ?

I believe 220, if I remember correctly.

Ryan, thats because they are 2 and 3 minute cooldowns which should be managed not just used on cooldown , as they could be wasted on like last 5 % of a mob etc
hope this helps

@ jmetz mate do you know how to have the macro only show 1 spell icon and not cycle through the other spells in the macro ? ive tried the setting in GSE but doesnt seem to make a difference :frowning:

yes but are the talents in the Gse build im not seeing anything in my talent tree for the 2 spells unless it was changed after the first beta build he was working on but anyways ty

ahhh i see, sorry ,yes if you scroll right at the bottom they are on a modifier :slight_smile:

yeah its redundant code from previous test builds but i left there just in case someone wants. i intend to clean it up once the dust settle on a meta,

only thing you can do is assign a fixed icon via the wow macro tab in game. if not it will just cycle each cast as its called up in the macro, with the exception of any cast sequences where it will just use a ? icon

Updated the talents to match Icey V, no change to the macro itself.


Just curious, I’m not at home atm. (checking stuff out tonight when i’m at home.)
How’s the dps currently going with this build? Do you get some nice numbers?

dual wield or 2hander?

based on talents its better for DW, (apparently DW oblit sims the best) I am thinking of looking at a 2h version and release my BOS spec macro but i just need the time. to do so.

look forward to BoS macro, I know its hard to macro as its a very “Manual” based build :slight_smile: But believe in the Metz! :smiley:

edit- for some reaosn your talent strings dont import properly and IceyV doesn’t show Oblit build anymore :frowning:

edit2-- im blind, it does xD

Yeah sorry for the lack of updates but just letting you all know I’m not longer playing wow, which sadly means I wont me developing macros anytime soon. But I will leave these threads here so people can still access and use or develop further, its been a blast and I’m sad to stop but I cant do this forever.
take care :slight_smile:


sad news as i always love your macros. best of luck