JM Sub for Dragonflight

Updated Macro and talent setup,
for ease using an Icey Veins build.
I run this at 200ms, however depending on your gear and haste you will need to adjust to suit.
generally optimally you should never fall below 40 energy during a base rotation, (when your not shadow dancing)

Aoe had a change to finisher due to talent change.

no change to SND




This macro contains 1 macro template. This Sequence was exported from GSE 3.1.11.

These are the strings for AOE and SND, just import them into GSE and the main macro will call them when needed



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could you share the talents you used for this? as soon as I can get my hands on a couple of daggers i’d like to test sub as it seems really fun.

created an account just to say ty for updating this macro. love it. i imagine you stayed venth since youre not spec into flag talent? also heres the code for easy import of talents. BUQAOB/7AZ//CwQOf4fPMswHVDAAAAAAAAAARSSSSigkASkAcgkEJCRkIRIphkEAEAAAA

yeah, although i have not really looked at talents yet as id prefer to let the dust settle and meta setups start to show. for now im just making sure the macro works and has a smooth flow.

Wow dude, it’s trippy as F…hell, So I tried your assassin and outlaw, they are nice but this freaking Sub is off the freaking hook, I am currently using it to level from 50 to 60 with my rogue, its beast and nice to watch in action… hey Metz I usually don’t do this but you out did yourself again, as usual, thank you…

so ive imported all 3 however when using just the main macro the AOE is not activating when needed so im having to push the button ive placed to. Is this correct or am i doing something wrong?

other then this is fantastic btw

hmm check your keybinds to make sure nothing else is assigned to the functions, as i think Bliz reassigned the pet commands back if you turn them off so just make sure, shift alt and ctrl have nothing assigned.

just checked nothing keybinded to them, i have no clue why this happening.
/targetenemy [noharm][dead]
/cast [nostealth,nocombat] Stealth
/click [mod:shift] AOE
/click SND
i checked the edit and the last two points are active but wont proc

hmm ok I’m almost done revising and gearing the dk once done im going back over the rogues


Have to change the /click chain macros now. Add LeftButton t to the end of each of those.

/click [mod:shift] AOE LeftButton t
/click SND LeftButton t

for some reason it isnt backstabbing

I haven’t used or looked at this macro since it was updated to 10.0.

Have you looked through the macro to make sure its in there? Are you standing behind your target?

yessum. I pulled everything to a side bar and the backstab isnt firing

I get garbage dps on my ilvl 234 rogue, but when I import this macro and make the changes needed (and remember to put the macro on both my active and stealth bars) it uses all of the abilities.

Slice and dice has about a 93% uptime for 3+ minutes.

ill be revising this over the weekend like i have with the other 2 specs already so ill look then


cool cuz I really wanna try sub

Macro and talents updated in OP :slight_smile:

for some reason my damage is still piss poor with ths

blame icy veins not me, its their talent setup