John Metz Outlaw SL

at this point Rogues feel un finished and craming slice and dice into every spec is somewhat a pain.
sadly it seems rogues in SL wont get easier to macro

below is outlaw, dont forget to apply poisons



Talents: 1111122

This macro contains 1 macro version. This Sequence was exported from GSE 2.6.01-alpha17-shadowlands.

Macro Version 1

Step Function: Sequential

Pre Macro: Stealth, Adrenaline Rush, Ambush, Blade Rush

KeyPress: Blade Flurry, Pistol Shot

Main Sequence: Shiv, Slice and Dice, Heart Essence, Between the Eyes, Dispatch, Roll the Bones, Pistol Shot, Sinister Strike

Post Macro: Gouge

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yeah man i totally feel the same

somewhat for me worked better lower combo points for slice and dice, bcause it keeps adding the time to it, and few times macro hangs up ( at least on the macro i made )


the hang ups are due to trying to apply slice and dice when better one is active. ie the one before is from 5 combo points and the new one is from 4. i have a work around where you just stop firing the macro for a second or a GCD and you’re good to go

Hey Guys,

what do you think are best class choices, for using a makro in shadowlands ?

Personal choices for me:

Warlock Destro
Shadow Priest
Rogue Outlaw
Warrior Arms

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personally it comes down to the macro themselves. As some classes are MUCH much easier to macro for than others, so the classes that are easier to macro, will have better ones sooner, like Paladins, Warriors, Hunters.

where as classes that have more things to juggle like resources, procs, burst windows etc take longer
to develop and result in macros that can be sub par to uses expectations, Rogues, Shamans Shadow priests are good examples.

then there are edgeliers that are more dependent on the authors knowledge of the class, which can be any class. but for me its Death knight, normally i would put it in the latter group with rogues, but I feel i have cracked the code on the class and as a result can get better results when im coding a macro.

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