Leavaris Prot Pally [WOTLK Lv80] UPDATED - Oct 24 2022

2 macros, one does judgement of wis, second is light. use wis for most situations, light to heal yourself if solo or if multiple pallys are there and wis is already up. toggle the castsequence box on and off opposite of holy shield box depending on if you need SS auto cast once a minute on yourself or not.



Talents: CLASSIC

This macro contains 1 macro template. This Sequence was exported from GSE 3.1.06.

and the same macro but with light



Talents: CLASSIC

This macro contains 1 macro template. This Sequence was exported from GSE 3.1.06.

The castsequence to enable or disable:


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This doesnt seem to be consistent, also this macro works well, nut imo not perfect, i will continue to update this, and all my macros and post them. expect prot pally, bm hunter, boomy and dk macros soon. For now this version works well enough to raid top tier SWP.

What MS are you running at? So far seems good looking forward to updates as they come. Appreciate your work :slight_smile:

All of my macros for all versions of wow are always tuned for 250ms

Cool, looking forward to try this :slight_smile:
Should not be hard for us to keep consecration up ourselfs, when the macros do all the rest :slight_smile:

Any tips when using this?
Will mostley do Dungeons with ppl.

This will probably do good when solofarming strat to? Just do holy wrath manually

I will ofc set ms to 250

I use these to farm, do 5 mans, heroics, and all raids including main tank SWP.
atm i have conc on key bind E as the modifier in my above macros are not working right and i haven’t fixed it yet, as well as been working on enh and boomy macros at the same time. ill get this sorted soon

Don’t stress :slight_smile:
Thank you for everything.

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Not sure if you care, I fixed the conc. You need to do KeyPress before the actual spell for it to trigger. You cannot Keypress after the command is fired off, after is for KeyRelease

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Hello @Leavaris , are you planning on updating you’r macro anytime soon? :slight_smile:
I’ve been trying out other macros, and some how I always end up back to the one you made.

I love that you split it up in 2.
1 mana reg
1 life reg

I also love that i need to press Concentration myself.

I just learned Shield of Righteousness, and hope to see it in the macro, if it fits.

I know you have alot on ur plate, so I dont expect you to update it.

ill be updating it soon, Im only now getting to play and am leveling still. Was hit by huricane Fieona last friday and had no power until last night so I missed wotlk launch :confused:

give me a day or two :slight_smile:

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Daymn boy, hope everything went well.
Im so glad we don’t have any crazy weather in Norway.

Have fun levling, and try to enjoy it.

Im love your macros for pally :smile::+1:t3:
Would you do macro for dk for dungeon/raiding? There no any good macro for those purposes.

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Updated at level 75 (Divine Plea and Shield of Righteousness )

@OWGrant Morb and Mick Unholy macros are pretty good IMO I play an Unholy DK and placing most of the times 1st or 2nd in dungeons and raids. I tank with my dk using my macros and no issues at all doing heroics and I just started last week doing macros.

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What is your blood dk macro?

What speed you use? Ive been using your previous version (modified to add conc, and cleanse). Ive been running GSE at 250. When i spam the macro I go oom after one rotation, IDK if it might be a speed thing or something else? But I have to run seal of wisdom, judge wisdom, divine please and sanct to barely keep enough mana if i dont have like 4+ mobs on me. Boss fights are rough as F

shouldn’t have mana issues with sanct and Devine plea (speced to stay up in combat)

Hmm yet I do. I even tried to put sacred shield into a .castsequence with a reset=60. But still burned thru mana instantly. Once I took out SS, my mana was doing good. IDK. I wonder if the GSE is using SS none stop even with the settings.

what is the equivalent 250ms for a razor?

SS shouldnt be firing off often, infact it should only cast roughly once every 50 seconds.
But for raids i disable that castsequence and add holy shield by itself. Then when im solo or in a 5 man without a pally healer i enable the castsequence box and disable the holy shield box. This however shouldnt burn your mana practically at all as holy shield needs to be cast 6 times in between every ss