LF for a 7.3.2 demo macro

Im new to demo and want to try it but the only macro i get to work is the ImplodedDerpDerp (Dungeon Build) ImplodedDerpDerp (Dungeon Build) - Patch 7.0+ - WoW Lazy Macros

Is there any better or new updated macro? I really like demo coming from destro.

From the look of the PvE forums it does not look like there is much of anything good for Demon macro wise. If there were it would be posted, lack of them tells me either its 2 hard of a spec to use with a spam style macro or just not many macro writers play the class(maybe even a bit of both).

It’s hard to macro.
I have tried a number of times as really, it’s the only spec i have been interested for Warlock since Legion was released.
The problem is trying to make the most of Demonic Empowerment and not to let it fall off. Then you have Thal’kiel’s to try and have all the pets out so it can be used. Blizz has tied you down to Demonic Empowerment

I reckon it could possibly be used better if the DPS abilities were freely used but Demonic Empowerment was on a mod. The biggest complaint then is people don’t want a multi or mod based macro but i believe for Demonology build to work it will need to be this. It just won’t work as a single button mash.

I’ve been trying to solve this since WoD. It’s a timing issue.

You want every demon hasted via Demonic Empowerment, but you also want the most demons out on the board as possible both for DPS and for Thal’kiel’s. So you have to weave those in.

The problem with macros is that while you can put TC and other things on a timer, you can’t get it to look at how many shards you have. If you could this would be easy: Shards <4 = Shadow Bolt, Shards >4 = Hand, If Hand and/or Dreadstalker’s cast = Demonic Empowerment. If demon count >10 = Cast TC. If demon’s unempowered > 2 = Demonic Empowerment.

Not going to happen.

But that being said I just released an update to my Demo macro. RNG is still a thing and you might do abysmal with it, but I’ve been at least anywhere between 5% to 10% of max sim DPS with this version.

I have sort of solved the clunkiness of the spec and made it feel like a load smoother. However, the results for this will not be to everyone’s liking as this will turn into a 2 button job with mods. Demonic Empowerment and Hand of Gul’dan are what typically made this clunky and are the spells you typically need to manage so I have stripped this down and ripped those out.

This then leaves you just a handful of spells to use in a dps rotation.

Shadow Bolt
Call Dreadstalkers
Command Demon

Hand of Gul’dan will be on a second button for more control using it when you have 5 to 7 seconds left on imps.

Mod:alt for Demonic Empowerment so it can be used after 2 summons (budget casting) as the buff is ~10 seconds. This gives you control over using it.
Mod:ctrl is for Thal’kiel’s consumption for when it’s up and you have the max amount of demons out may need a Weak Aura to help
Mod:shift for life tap for when you need a boost in mana.

I have this currently set up in a rough sequence. This is how I envisage Demonology being played as I can’t see timings working out correctly or as efficiently as I’d like.

As others have already stated, I have to unfortunately affirm that there isn’t a good working easy macro for demonology warlocks.

I don’t know about all the classes, but of the classes I do know, demonology warlocks seem to not be conducive to easy macros.

  1. imp management / hand of gul’dan
  2. pet management / demonic empowerment

basically, have to be done manually, when the situation calls for it.

Unfortunate, because I really wanted to play demo, but it’s not really conducive to the way I like to play: Easy =)

You can still do it, and put Hand and Empowerment on their own keys, and TC, but as you can see, we are already far away from a simple easy macro =P

To me, it seems like you have to work really hard as demo, to do “decent.” many other classes you can just snooze with an easy macro, and straight up wreck faces. with as many other variables, positioning as their already are in the game, I can’t be bothered ALSO trying to manage so much within the class. Just my personal opinion, and opinions vary.