Looking for Macro free/pay

Hi at all, most time i play a healer and all is fine. Now i change to UH DK. My Gear ist about 432 with good stats. In a aoe situation all is fine too 300k is possible and ok for me. But ST damage is sick. I testet all macros in that section and the best one ist 45-50k on a ST dummy. When i looking at Russion DKs in a Boost Raid they do 80-90k with lower gs.
Is there a other macro that is better ? Is there a other side with more macros ? I think it is a lot of work to create makros and it is fully ok when the developer whants money for the work.
GSE and Lazy Makro is fine for most Charackter but not for all i think. Is there a better skript for my UH?

There are several here, and most are free, Elfyau does if i remember all specs, i personally use his tanking one, because im to lazy to write one, John Mets is really good as well, even though he is taking a vacation from the game, his still perform well, crypts is reallly good, PvP wise, and then there are mine, which seems to perform well. I have a PvP one and a standard DpS version, so take a look around, hopefully you will find something that works for you


I tried a lot of macros you need to tune them , I use also Heklli in order to check my dps rotation maybe it will help you also. I will do raid and let you know the ST dps , if you are doing 80k its fine

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I agree with you, but how to tune the Makro from Elfi ? I play Hast-Mastry with low crit(15%). But with GS 437 i am only near at 80k with luck. On Target Dummy 50 - 70k

to tune the macro, you’ll have to trial and error it. that is how most macro creators make their macros. sorry this is the simplist answer. you can search WLM for maybe a more detailed answer. i have to trial and error macros when i feel i need more or less what the macro puts out for my liking.


This from what Timothy said in another post

“Start somewhere - either blank or someone else’s. Run that on a target dummy for 2 minutes to get a baseline. Run a two minute sim of an unbuffed run to compare to. Make 1 change run for two minutes and compare. Make 1 change run for two minutes and compare etc. after about 120-200 hours of doing so you will have your macro tuned to where you want it to be. There are no short cuts - if you want the results you have to do the work.”