Lost the best Outlaw Macro

Hey guys!
A few weeks ago, someone here dropped an updated outlaw macro and it was awesome! It got many replies and worked perfectly for me.
Yesterday the twitch app fucked up my addons and deinstalled GSE with all data - so i dont have that insane macro anymore. :frowning:

The problem is, it seems that its no longer here in the 8.x forum, which is strange.
Can anybody help me out? Which outlaw macro are u using? Which ones are viable atm?

Have you checked version 7.3? Do you remember the name in anyway? I am also looking for a solid none sticking macro.

I dont since it was in the 8.x forum before. It sometimes got stuck, but a pistol shot unstucked it. :o

I think the macro you are looking for is the one called Bhaal something…its the one right under your post. it has this in the macros description…

[Pistol Shot] – Keep on separate key. Sometimes … just sometimes (I think after so many ‘misses’ in a row) the macro hangs. One pistol shot for some reason clears up hang and keeps the macro going.

Did you find your macro? Im still looking for one that doesnt hang. So if anyone has one please share. ty

its not the bhaal one. that one hangs WAY too much. if youre too far away it wont work anymore, sometimes it just randomly hangs and it cant undone. it just stays broken until you die or whatever youre fighting dies to auto attacks.

I think the one you are looking for is


dSZKcaWsOKDjjXRfYmLez2cUmYnPI(fuWTPcpgKDsL2RYUHSFP(PKkgMKc)wINtXqrHbRQHJIoOkQZdvDmk54QqwOkXsvrwmvz5apusLEkXYOuTojLmrkLPIstwLA6KENKOUQKu9mOIRtvTrOsBvskBwsP2UkOpRs6RskAAQqTnjjnsjvDxOuJwOMfOoPkWTKeCAr3tsOvcf6TqrhgvpRXoxRj1P6Sv6CnNR9XoHLhiKAMyzzzHdo4mXjEnoHye8nZ1(eNCKppCasjWHesZcAEtSr1M7h05AnXjhcuQgbmzbzg7CTg7CTMGbiUrn0r(ecI6hthL7AXdk29FjWVP(Xn4da4H7hRmes01(fMaIG7)8nGq8qIO(p5BIH7)sOuU7hxFa(k3pMaYqAfHko84k29ljknkb6xuqgrW9lHeI6NJU73wcrW9ljknkb6xuqgrW9ljknkb6xuqgrW9ZinAj0Vexu4(TLgMCfkgUFjrPrjq)IcYicUFjrPrjq)IcYicUFjrPrjq)IcYicUFgPrlH(L4Ic3VT0WKRqXtybjkIuR5nPEIFpVjUeu08MCHc68MCkrxTM3K6wC4X1DzcweEgaYyg7CTMGbLdUskHih47htujMdCaFt8BSNoblc)jkqCdn2PteLyIRpcsZcAIqh5tin5HjNs0v7ZBclirrKAFEtyaiNCiqzStNWOyuNCiqzStNoDIWKGoW2CTx1Am5mGq85wHJNupfyo5WQCCJXjN914cycuGBINoDdaUsage Information

This macro contains 1 macro version. This Sequence was exported from GSE 2.4.02.

Macro Version 1

Step Function: Sequential

KeyPress: Contains various utility functions.

Main Sequence:

its this one

if you could simplify it for a monkey finger guy with me;
I would be very grateful!!