💤 Lutechi 9.x+ Frost DK Macro All-in-One

Welcome to my AIO Macro Series, it covers every possible talent combination. Give this smart lazy macro a try and look for my other classes or specs if you enjoy this one.

Tell me while I stream if it worked for you or ask questions: Lutechi@Twitch

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Usage Information

Mod:Alt - Spend Runic after Breath of Sindragosa if Talented | Mod:Ctrl - Frostcythe if Talented | Mod:Shift - AOE Howling Blast, DnD and Sacrificial Pact
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This macro contains 1 macro version. This Sequence was exported from GSE 2.6.02-asdflands.

Macro Version 1

Step Function: Sequential

KeyPress: Contains various utility functions.

Main Sequence: Sacrificial Pact, Chains of Ice, Howling Blast, Raise Dead, Remorseless Winter, Horn of Winter, Frostscythe, Blinding Sleet, Death and Decay, Glacial Advance, Obliterate, Frostwyrm’s Fury, Frost Strike

KeyRelease: Death Grip, Howling Blast, Breath of Sindragosa, Pillar of Frost, Obliterate, Empower Rune Weapon


thank you thank you thank you

im having a blast every time a prepatch goes live

I enjoy so much trying Other users macros and tinkering my own

will try yourssss

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@Lutechi could you export this to the newest GSE 2.6.06 retail

NM I got it to work

This works great! I love it how you have it setup for ANY talents. This way you can change talents on the fly and not have to use a particular set. Using this one, Hunter ones, about to try the Pally ones…

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Hi mate,

Could you please tell me what Talents you are using?

Many thanks :slight_smile:


It’s an AIO. Use whatever Talents you Sim higher at or whatever guides you choose to go with.

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Keep getting a spam about sending too many messages (system yellow messages), I’ll try to remember what it says.

Hey there! Question about Frost DK this time instead of unholy lol. I noticed that howling blast isn’t in the single target rotation at all. Is there a way to insert that into the single target rotation for when Rime procs? Or does it have to stay on the shift key version?

/cast [mod:shift] Howling Blast

I saw on your twitch that you have an auto press key and auto toggle key.
Is this in the addon? or software?
Thx for your good work

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Hello Nico,

Most gaming mouse/keyboard support macro and use their programs like GHub, Synapse, etc., and if using generic then AHK or bind mouse wheel to trigger the button when you scroll up and down.

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Hay, Love your macros but I find it a little annoying that it keeps disabling my sound, I have tried looking in the macro itself but can’t really see what is disabling the sound, is there any way to stop it from disabling the sound?


Hello Shayu,

Check the replies on this post and you should be able to fix it:

I’m having trouble holding a key, I need 2 different macros for single and aoe. How it could be adjusted?? 1 macro sing 2 aoe. Thank you