💤 Lutechi 9.x+ Outlaw Macro All-in-One

Welcome to my AIO Macro Series, it covers every possible talent combination. Give this smart lazy macro a try and look for my other classes or specs if you enjoy this one.

Tell me while I stream if it worked for you or ask questions: Lutechi@Twitch

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Usage Information

Mod:Alt - Use it to remove Slice and Dice if the buff is 1min+ or it will lock up the macro | Mod:Ctrl - Grappling Hook @ Mouseover | Mod:Shift - OH SHIT BUTTON Includes Heal, Evasion and Cloak. Alt modifier key is very important to prevent lockups when Slice and Dice buff goes berserk like 2min buff. Only hold once + Macro
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This macro contains 1 macro version. This Sequence was exported from GSE 2.6.26.

Macro Version 1

Step Function: Sequential

KeyPress: Ambush, Slice and Dice

Main Sequence: Slice and Dice, Eviscerate, Shiv, Blade Flurry, Sinister Strike, Ghostly Strike, Between the Eyes, Roll the Bones, Crimson Vial, Pistol Shot

KeyRelease: Slice and Dice, Stealth, Marked for Death, Grappling Hook, Evasion, Vanish, Cloak of Shadows, Adrenaline Rush, Tricks of the Trade


5-stars !! Use this macro and make it your own - ask Lu for modifications and he will do it for ya.


say waaaaaah! excited to give this a try! holy Guacamole you almost have all the classes done now!

Edit- This works amazing!!! great work! ill say it again, youre a beast haha


Duuude that cancelaura is DIAMONDS!

People christmas is early!



Curious out of talent build you used which more effective with ur macro’s ?

Hello lutechi

I cant find this spell [Eviscerate] in the spellbook, is it a foull in the macro or is just me ? :slight_smile:
Ty for your hard workk love your macros.


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@jba1980 here is a thread on a answer. it says Eviscerate but its using Dispatch. hope this helps Two most asked questions: Base Spells and Macro locks


Constantly spamming the letter “c” what to do?

Hello Killjoy,

That is very odd. This is happening if you push the macro manually?

Where in your bar is it or s it bound to the letter c in your keyboard?

Такая же проблема постоянно спамят букву /с в чат , что делать ?

Don’t understand Russian sorry.

The same problem prints the spam letter /c when the macro is clicked

Hello 11152,

I have to look with TimothyLuke as I think it has happened to me also recently in other class/spec and I am not sure if they have always been there or is something new after a GSE update.

Hello , lutechi. i know the wowlazymacros just now ,and am an outlaw. i try ur macro in my game.But it doesn’t work. My English is not very well, So i cannot understand all u talked. i can use GSE, but i try ur code many times…Hmmmm, if u get it , i hope u can tell me why. I respect u so much. Hope u reply.

Hello haigagaga,

Is your client in a different language?

If it is, then you have to translate the spells to your language and it should work.

Let me know what is the problem and can help better.

Think you so much lutechi.
When i import the spells to my GSE, it transfom my language auto automaticly.
First one i want to know is how i drag the icon to my action bar??? i try ctrl+ alt+ and shift+ ,
but it doesn’t work.

Is the icon a question mark?

If yes, just drag it to your bar.

If not (shows a book icon), select the macro in the viewer window and click the “Create Icon” button and then drag it to your bar.

If you would like to use the modifiers with the macro, most likely you have to clear them up first.

Go to the GSE options and the under macro reset, click “Clear Keybindings” button.

Cool!!! I got it. Thanks very much. Then I’ll learn how to use it. I just only click the icon might not cause large damage value.

Can you please help me! I am just looking for a macro that will use Between the eyes when its up and then when its on CD to use dispatch… I have tried and tried to edit this and I can not seem to get it to work. PLEASE HELP <3

Hello Mumo,

Just make a manual priority macro with 2 single cast lines, 1 for each ability.

Top one in the sequence block should be Between The Eyes, second under would be Dispatch.

Might have to push it a few times, but it will prioritize BTE.

Can’t do either or without conditions, best close is random or sequence.