💤 Lutechi 9.x+ Windwalker Macro All-in-One

Welcome to my AIO Macro Series, it covers every possible talent combination. Give this smart lazy macro a try and look for my other classes or specs if you enjoy this one.

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Usage Information

Mod:Alt - AoE and Rushing Jade Wind if Talented | Mod:Ctrl - OH SHIT BUTTON, multiple talents | Mod:Shift - Vivify @ mouseover, breaks channeling
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This macro contains 1 macro version. This Sequence was exported from GSE 2.6.28.

Macro Version 1

Step Function: Sequential

KeyPress: Tiger Leap

Main Sequence: Rushing Jade Wind, Rising Sun Kick, Tiger Palm, Fist of the White Tiger, Fists of Fury, Dampen Harm, Expel Harm, Blackout Kick, Spinning Crane Kick, Invoke Xuen, the White Tiger, Tiger’s Lust, Touch of Death, Vivify

KeyRelease: Storm, Earth, and Fire


So i played around with the macro for a couple hours and was able to come up with a couple things.

  1. being, i think the secondary skill of the Storm Earth and Fire (the attack target) is slowing the flow of the macro. Not that its locking it up really, just seems to flow kind of slow, lots of lil pauses. To solve this i put the spell on the shift modifier instead of vivify, and it worked, flowed better, and dps increased a little.

  2. I changed the “main rotation” part in the sequence window to this:

/cast [mod:ctrl,nochanneling,talent:5/2] Diffuse Magic; [mod:ctrl,nochanneling,talent:5/3] Dampen Harm; [nochanneling,combat,exists] Touch of Death
/cast [mod:ctrl,nochanneling,@player,talent:2/3] Tiger’s Lust; [nochanneling,combat,exists] Invoke Xuen, the White Tiger
/castsequence [mod:alt,nochanneling,talent:6/2] reset=5 Tiger Palm, Rushing Jade Wind, Tiger Palm, Spinning Crane Kick; [mod:alt,nochanneling,notalent:6/2] Tiger Palm, Spinning Crane Kick
/castsequence [nochanneling] Tiger Palm, Fists of Fury
/castsequence [nochanneling] Tiger Palm, Rising Sun Kick
/castsequence [nochanneling,talent:3/2] reset=30 Tiger Palm, Fist of the White Tiger
/castsequence [nochanneling] Tiger Palm, Whirling Dragon Punch
/castsequence [nochanneling] Tiger Palm, Blackout Kick
/cast [mod:ctrl,nochanneling,@player,talent:4/3] Ring of Peace; [nochanneling,combat,exists,talent:1/2] Chi Wave; [nochanneling,combat,exists,talent:1/3] Chi Burst

^^Part of this came from a different Macro i was using before, and i mashed it with yours^^
This also solves the mastery Uptime to 100% (never seen it fall off) wich of course increased the DPS

and Key Release to:

/cast [mod:ctrl,nochanneling] Touch of Karma
/cast [nochanneling,combat,exists,talent:3/3] Energizing Elixir
/cast [mod:shift,nochanneling,combat,exists] Storm, Earth, and Fire

The only Problem i have now is that when i use alt modifier, i seems to only go off once then through the rest of the macro and then it loops back around to this again. So it doesn’t just do AOE rotation repeatedly. It does it once, then moves down. I think its because its set to Sequential.

I could be way out of my league on this and i wish i knew how to post a macro so that you could test it and let me know what you think.

Through some more testing I did this in the keypress Window:

/targetenemy [noharm]
/startattack [nocombat]
/castsequence [mod:alt,nochanneling,talent:6/2] reset=20 Tiger Palm, Rushing Jade Wind, Tiger Palm, Fists of Fury, Tiger Palm, Rushing Jade Wind, Tiger Palm, Spinning Crane Kick, Tiger Palm, Spinning Crane Kick, Rushing Jade Wind, Tiger Palm, Spinning Crane Kick, Tiger Palm, Spinning Crane Kick; [mod:alt,nochanneling,notalent:6/2] Tiger Palm, Spinning Crane Kick
/petattack [pet,harm]
/petassist [pet,harm]
/petpassive [noharm]
/cast [combat,pet] Tiger Leap

So when not having talent 6/2 it works perfect, till you run out of energy as tiger palm cost half your energy. With talent 6/2 the problems comes in as an odd number of Chi (combo points) So i threw in Fist of Fury, as it is also aoe, it will run the whole sequence, but slows down, again, when the energy starts lacking. It seems to me that monks are just not suppose to be doing aoe like this. Also, that sequence is really…REALLY long, i know. Makes me think that it needs its own macro.

My Final thought on the aoe is, If Rushing Jade wind did not exist, or at least did not cost any chi, it wouldn’t be half bad, just have to manage energy better.

Looking forward to hearing your thoughts sir, and i hope i didnt make more work out of this for you then need be. And with that, im going to bed :wink:

Hello Fester,

I think the Storm Earth and Fire workaround you did is a placebo, as far as I know it should be off the global cooldown and it should not affect anything else but it could be something I am not aware of happening. I indeed saw the fixated going off a lot and ignored it like I said it’s off the GCD so there is nothing else to compete but Energizing Elixir.

If you meant to keep the hit combos or never overlap with the same ability twice due to mastery is kinda hard unless you do a very long castsequence, which is possible but I did a different approach of splitting builders vs spenders and sometimes it might go off something twice because either a line was skipped or everything else is in cooldowns.

Can always record a long castsequence and see if there is a pattern. Might have to do it with all talents and that could take more time than what I have to play with at the moment.

Hopefully, you can sort the modifiers. If you would like them to block the rest and be on-demand, put the modifier in question in the keypress so it fires off without delays.

Yea it was pretty late, and by the end of it all, i could barely keep my eyes open lol. I really should learn how to use the addon more in depth. That way i can understand why things are done a certain way, or why things are put in different windows etc…

I get disconnected from the server when I try this macro, any idea why?

That’s odd, do you use anything like AHK to assist and if so at what speed?

I use mousewheel up and let it freely spin, but I think it’s because I hadn’t set the MS click rate setting to 100ms. I am new to GSE :smile:

Just tried with 100 ms in settings and got dc’d :frowning:

disappointed that talent selection is left open and its not at the very least suggested what to use

Hello codes,

It’s intended that way, was not intended for specific build.

However, you can use cookie cutter talents from multiple websites like icy veins, etc. and try the macro to see if is something you like.

You can always try other macros to compare if it fits your play style.

Hello! So I was wondering if it was possible to make a macro that has conditions? Like only cast tiger palm if at 3 or less chi, dont cast at 4,5,6 chi. Then for blackout kick only cast if fist of fury and rising sun kick are on cd? also only cast blackout kick if at 4,5,or 6 chi?

For some reason Blackout Kick never goes off, sits at 5 chi. The only thing that happens for me is the autoattack, expel harm and tiger palm.