M+_Borland1891_Fist Updated 2024-03-31


UPDATE 2024-03-31 New thinking of my macro so try and let me know what you think.



Usage Information


Manually use of Sheilun’s Gift.
Mods are in macro and like this:
ALT= @mouseover and will cast both Soothing Mist and Enveloping Mist. Use this when Invoke Chi Ji gets you 3 stacks for free and insta Enveloping Mist.
SHIFT= @mouseover Cocoon.
CTRL= @cursor Ring of Peace.

Macro will use Mana Tea and it normally cast around 5.

My stats are like this:
I managed you get to almost 2400 but i havent played for a while on my monk but this is good for me because without this macro i would not even manage to 1500 lol, my fingers wont let me so im happy with this.

This macro contains 1 macro template. This Sequence was exported from GSE 3.1.63-PatronBuild.

Talents are in description and i run macro at 100ms, never under 100.

Best of luck and i hope this works for you all.

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Thank you for this and I really want to play a mistweaver. I hope we can all work together and get this refined for optimal use by all. I did notice the two sets of talents are the same. I was not sure if that was intentional.

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It is because you spam the Fist macro 24/7 and hold ALT for my MW heal macro when wanna mouseover heal if nessesary. So it needs to have spam button for fist macro in button 1 and my MW heals on keybinding ALT1.
So just to clarify my MW heal macro is not a macro to use for only healing in M+, it is just a reserv if fisting aint enough.

Just updated macro again and using different talents.
Test this and let me know what you think.
I am doing +12 atm without any issues and at 453 ilevel and 2 set.

Sounds good. I am no mistweaver expert but I do have other questions about optimization of the macro and using talents.

  1. Sheilun’s Gift is part of the talents but did not see it used in the main fistweaver macro. From what I read you let it get to around 10 stacks and use it.

  2. I saw a YouTube video that stated for groups of 5 mobs or more you just use Faeline Stomp and Spinning Crane Kick. Should there be a mythic-multiple target version that does that? Again I am not an expert and just wondering.

  3. Should mana tea and touch of death be used somewhere in the macro?


  1. Sheiluns Gift i use manually when 10 stacks.
  2. That i dont know anything about :slight_smile: I just let my macro go and if tank is wild i use the Bird and all is good. But i look into it and see if i can make something that can be used in my mods, just need to test and see if i can come up with anything and also test it live.
  3. Mana Tea i use myself when i have atleast 10 stacks and just before a big heal fight. Touch of Death i use manually aswell.

I have tinkered alot regarding Mana Tea usage in macro and also Sheiluns Gift. Problem is it will pop of random and probably never when you really want it lol.

Just did a 15 AD in time so i feel it does work kinda ok but needs tweaking.

Thank you! How do you use the two macros together? Like you are fist weaving on the mobs? Do you stop the fist one and use the heal one if things are getting to be too much and you need more healing? Do you keep the heal macro going and mouseover the person needing healing?

this is a wondeful macro. thank you for this. been wanting something like this for a long time

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For some reason the faeline stomp is not working. I am in the test dummy area and the macro is doing everything but not the faeline stomp. Any ideas?

Yea. you need to attack a tank dummy so you get targeted. Then the Renewing Mist and Faeline will pop off.
its @targettarget thats why.
@focus is only for Zen Pulse.
Best regards

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Regarding how to use it is as i explained. You spam your fist macro all the time and when wanna do some mouseover heals you hold ALT.
This why you put spam Fist macro in keybinding 1 and put Heal macro in ALT1 Keybind. Means as soon as you hold down alt it will trigger ALT1 and heal macro.


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Updated my macro again and i added in Sheilun’s Gift to pop of on the focus right after it pops Zen Pulse on Tank.
Test and see if you like it. I tested in a 14 DHT and it was no problems at all.


really curios about this macro… I played Fistweaver when they first released and loved the play style, but then they turned them into druid 2.0. So with your macro is it mainly fistweaving also do you spam your macro? Or is it you spam the fist one, then the heals when needed?

Spam Fist all the time, Then use heal macro if needed on mouseover. I do it by keybind it to ALT1 button and i have fist button on keybind 1.
Just hold down alt when healing and release for the fist heals again.
I manage to do 15 dungs with this in time. I have only 453 ilevel and 2 set. My stats are poor so with better gear i will see what i can manage.

IS there a new talent setup, the one listed doesnt work anymore

I fix after work.
Best regards

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Hi @Xero_the_Clown
I dont have any issues with the talents in macro. It works without issues when i upload it.
But to be sure i uploaded again and here is the string i have in Macro.


hey borland, i was wondering how can i @targettarget? i set focus on tank. but i am not familiar about how the @targettarget works? thank you

Targettarget is your targets target. Means if tank has aggro on what you attack it will cast on tank.

Borland, I am going to test this new on, but just wanted to say that the previous version was really good. I have been using that to heal M+ all season, and have completed up to +17s. I couple this with my heals only macro and I am pumping. Thank you for your work.

Edit, sorry highest Key is a +18 Darkheart Thicket