M+_Borland1891_Fist Updated 2024-03-31

Ty Gau for explaining.
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Can you upload the talents they are out of date!

Upload the talents they are out of date.

@leiito Just updated macro.

Thank you i dont know when to use Sheillun gift. Can you add it to the main macro?.

You use it at 10 stacks, shows on the spell itself how many stacks you have.
Also make a @focus macro when using Sheiluns Gift.
Forgot to type in macro about this and also that you put focus on tank.
Adding Sheilun into macro is not good at all.

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You don’t have to cast Sheiluns Gift on anyone. It heals every party member

Feels pretty smooth, also not spending to much mana in fights.
the only thing i would say is when chiji is summoned, there are a lot of spells which denie the stacks to free cast enveloping mist.
but it rly feels good and easy playable in mythic dungeons :slight_smile:

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I am averaging around 46k hps in 440ilv gear which I think is good. I can get more if I cocoon when its up and if I spam gift every 10 stacks. I am just smashing the macro though not trying to use any other heals then the macro is doing. I have a question though. I seem to struggle keeping the ranged people in my group top’d off and my mana is way to full I think so I think I am messing something up. Would love to pick your brain in private if you don’t mind maybe over a discord message. Great macro.

Actually what i do to top of the spread out ppl is using Chi Ji and Restoral very smart, not after each other due to long cooldown. Also the Gift is in this rotation so to speak. Its all about the timings for it. Also use Essence Font when alot of damage cause it will spread to all.
Otherwise i just let the macro spam at 100ms, i use my mouse autoclick due to i cant press or hold down my fingers on key for a long time due to my shit fingers :slight_smile:

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Hello Boreland, I’ve been playing around with the macro for a long time^^

in each block type is yes:
/castsequence [@mouseover,mod:alt] reset=target Enveloping Mist, Soothing Mist,
wouldn’t it make more sense to swap the two spells so that enveloping is an instant cast on the target on which calming is cast or does that lead to problems? because when I removed the mod alt that is only @mouseover, only the 2 spells were cast on myself despite the target.

with the dummies it’s also the case that it doesn’t affect the mouseover dummy target at all, but also me if I have more calming than single macro:
[@player,mod:alt][@mouseover,help,nodead] soothing mist
on a dummie, it is also applied to the dummie.

Is it because of gse that it doesn’t work with the mod:alt macro or do I have to change something?

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PS I had 4 versions, I have now re-imported your string from the top mainpost now it is just a template is that correct? ^^
and would it be possible to build in ToD somewhere to use when it can be used?