M+_Borland1891_Fist Updated 2024-03-31

I found an issue i made now on last one.
I have Chi Burst in Macro but i have Chi Wave in Talents.
Change in variables to Chi Wave. Will update main post instantly,

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Using tab 2 in the latest macro, Jadefire Stomp doesn’t fire at all.
“/castsequence [nochanneling] Jadefire Stomp, Tiger Palm, Blackout Kick, Tiger Palm, Blackout Kick

Everything on that line fires except for Jadefire for some reason.

EDIT: nor Chi Wave. Checked talents and all is well there.

Got it working, hoever im not entirely sure how :smile:

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Yea, there is alot of strange things going on. Also i have som issues with @focus. Sometimes it just drops of when i play and i have to fast set focus again. Might be that i have a focus button somewhere that i dont know about :slight_smile:
I dont have so much time atm to test around with this due to work stuff but in the weekend im gonna dig into this and also dig hard with the Brewmaster.

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I find focus drops off a fair bit in Dawn of the Infinite. Each time I use a portal, it drops off. Could be that?
Yeah man, definitely! I appreciate what you do :slight_smile:

yea in that dung it always drops off when using the portals. I tested using @targettarget instead but felt it did not work as good as @focus.
There is strange stuff in game atm.

i dont think it matters too much but every guide favors chi burst over chi wave. would changing to chi burst in macro and talent effect the macro?

Only difference is that Spinning Crane Kick and Expel Harm that is in same castsequence in the variable will cast every 30 sec instead of 15 sec but i dont think that is an issue.

Best regards

how do you make it not read only

No idea, i dont put read only to my macros.
Best regards

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not sure what your issue would be because I can still edit his macro if need be.

But both your macros are now read only so someone might share some light on that isse?

Really wierd. No macros i make are read only.
But they do work in action right. Cant look at it today due im not at home. Will check tomorrow what the issue might be.
Best regards

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Hey yehaa iw used most of them at some point or another they are absolute awsome in PVP but perform so well in m+ to some small changes here and there sometimes but great all in all. Thnaks for providing a way for some of us to actually play <3

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i tested this on my new mistweaver, it works fine. I am wondering if there’s a way to make this work with Grid2? when i have my mouse hover in grid2 then use the heals it doesnt work.

Edit: mouse4 and mouse5 doesn’t work when hovering in grid2. Have to use a keyboard bind.

i did some googling, wow doesn’t like mouse4 and mouse5 haha


which of these versions in here would u recommand to use for m+`?

sometimes i got that less heal and hps idk why ^^

Main post macro i would go for

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Hey Borland. Question for you on the Target variable. What’s the intent of the /targetenemy [noharm][dead] line? I ask specifically as I’m trying to understand the noharm option that would mean a non hostile target?

Basically, it’s the opposite command… meaning you command the macro to target- target that Not Yet Hostile or Arggo. If you macro is like /target [harm] [nodead]. You would be constantly changing target… :slight_smile:

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Ah, that makes sense. “Not yet Hostile” clicks for me. Thank you GauPanda!

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