Macro Modifiers

Would like to give a brief explanation in how modifiers work in a macro and options you got.

/cast [mod] Spell X; - This one works with any of the 3 keys
/cast [mod:shift] Spell X;
/cast [mod:ctrl] Spell X;
/cast [mod:alt] Spell X;
/cast [mod:shift/alt] Spell X;
/cast [mod:ctrl/alt] Spell X;

This modifiers serve the purpose of adding extra utility spell by holding 1 of the 3 keys, could be “Alt”, “Ctrl” or “Shift.” If you hold the key, it would light up with the spell icon you input after the modifier. Remember this modifier goes before the actual spell you would like to cast for spamming.

/cast [mod] Rend; Heroic Strike

This macro would respond with no modifiers to a single ability which is Heroic Strike, if hold a modifier key like mentioned before it will try to use Rend ability.

enhancement macro works fine on dummy but in combat it stops and goes dark
’ any ideas?
i use your macros on my other classes work great

It’s weird because I use it everyday and my friend also. Make sure there are no spaces before the “/” and the proper format looks correct.

I m trying to use a [mod] macro with GSE as explained in the guide above but it doesn’t work when i hold the shift key.

/cast [mod:shift] Rafale hurlante; Hiver impitoyable

I d be grateful if someone could explain me what is wrong in my macro.

can we have other keys be mods other than shift, alt, and ctrl? say i wanna make “m” a mod key would /cast [mod:m] Regrowth Would that work for a mod?