Macro Speed

My question is about the speeds is see on this site. To start I should say that I really don’t know because I don’t use AHK or any of that type of software. To me if I use AHK OR GSE all is well, but if I use both and pull a mob I can get up and get a cup of coffee while these two kill the mob without me at the keyboard so against the ToS, to me. Just my opinion, so now my question(s):

People are asking “how fast are you running this” and the responses are like 30-150ms. This seems crazy to me. The faster you press the keyboard the more CPU cycles it uses to capture the keypress. 1000ms = 1 second, so 10ms = 100 keypresses per second and 100ms = 10 keypresses per second. Also this would affect the mod alt/shift keys especially if your keyboard has a buffer, by the time the spell activates its past time to use it. I’m not an expert just trying to understand this. So if I use a macro this is what it looks like to me:


Not many spells are off the GCD so if I assume a 1sec GCD for all these spells. At 100ms it would look like this:

spell1 activates & begins its 1sec GCD. AHK keeps pressing the key (10 x at 100ms during the GCD). So the next spell off the GCD would be spell3 (2341234123), it activates (then the process repeats). In this scenario spell2 through 4 are just fillers used for timing. Why not delay the keypresses to 200ms = 5per x second, 300ms = 3.3per x second, 400ms = 2.5per x second. However, almost every recommendation I see says adjust it faster (more key presses per second).

So now my Question(s):
Wouldn’t it make more sense to use 200ms or more and use less filler spells?
With less filler and keypresses, wouldn’t it be easier to time the spell activations?
Also, are macro keypresses activated server side or client side?

Sorry for the wall of text and if your down here thanks for reading.


I would recommend you read this seeing as how you mention ToS

You didn’t read the post. I guess it was quite a wall of text I will keep experimenting with my macros. I have read the linked post a few times. Thanks for commenting.

I did read it, but I got stuck on you saying “ToS” my bad. For me I have about 40 latency so I just add 20 so I run with a razor mouse and keypad and have them set at .060 and seems to work for me. No rhyme or reason just does.

There are a lot of different variables when considering macro speed.

The first is your latency.

The second is the type of class you’re using the macro for. To be exact, you wouldn’t use the same speed for a Havoc Demon Hunter macro as you would for a Balance Druid macro. The reason the speeds differ is due to a higher probability of the cast being proced. The “filler” as you mentioned, are typically added to ensure a proced spell is cast if the rotation for that particular macro is fortunate enough to have a transparent and minimal rotation, such as a Havoc Demon Hunter. Therefore, the speed at which the macro would fire for a Havoc Demon Hunter, would be as fast as logically reasonable to ensure those procs are processed and not skipped by an additional spell.

Again, it all depends on the macro. Some macros do better with 200+ and some do better with -50.

guys I use xbox controller so how do I adjust speed for it