macro toolkit or sequencer?

i’m confused which to get, seems most macros coming out on here are on sequencer not so much on macro toolkit… is it more spaced for 1 button and situations? or just a diff way to do the same thing?

Read this.

ok that helps for swap macro vs gnome sequencer, but none of the toolbox ones i’ve used were swap macros… just flat out button spamming and they seem to be dying off, is it because one of the other 2 are needed now? my boomkin one still works to a degree, and my prot pally one works but a little locked up sometimes and i have problems with AOE threat because of it… but trying a ret one on my pally and well everything seems to be messed up LOL.

Ya, the old method (one macro to do all things) has gone by the wayside due to certain restrictions Blizzard imposed on us. The swapactionbar method is the method being used with Macro Toolkit these days.


Excellent so now i need to find a swapactionbar method for ret pally, prot pally, healing druid and balance druid.