Macros not saving

My macros are not saving, already deleted GSE.lua from the WTF folder and nothing happened. Using version 2.6.16

I downgraded to 2.6.15 and now its working

The error is in translator.lua. This has already been reported on github, so i’m sure this will be fixed soon

It has been fixed in 2.6.17 because it was reported in GitHub and then someone reported information on what would trigger it rather than “it didn’t work”. As while it didn’t save for you it was saving perfectly for me otherwise I wouldn’t have released it. More information is located here: GSE 2.6.23 - Released for both Retail, PTR and Beta - #88 by TimothyLuke

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Thank you @TimothyLuke for the reply, I don’t know if it’s an addon or what that I can’t see any errors on screen, when an addon doesn’t work it just doesn’t work. Do you know any addon or path to error logs that I can provide when this happen again ?

If you disable all other addons the errors will start appearing if there are any. Sometimes there aren’t But it’s being as detailed as possible that helps.

This error was reported and I was scratching my head for 4 hours going why doesn’t it work for them when “it works on my computer”. The key was “I was trying to save and It doesn’t like something in these 5 lines”. And to be honest they were all things that I would never have thought to test.

GSE also has a mod debug mode that can be turned on in the options that spits out a metric ton of information if all else fails. (This is different to /gse debug which you can use to walk through your sequence).

Do you have a guide or do you think it’s worth to have one about how to get those errors so ppl can send you logs and more detailed informations about bugs (in here or github) to help with the development? Thanks in advance :slight_smile: