Make Brewmasters Great Again™

I tried out a few macros from here and none quite fit my playstyle. Here’s my Brewmaster macro, which only uses Celestial brew on cooldown, the rest of the big cooldowns are all personally cast. Even Dampen Harm is cast on my own since I dont always want to cast it.

Also note, my intention so far with the macro is to stay around 50 or so energy, so I can always cast Keg Smash the moment it comes off Cooldown, but it also allows me to use Spinning Crane Kick when I have multiple targets.

Added a second macro that doesnt cast Celestial Brew for encounters with mechanics that you need to control the use of it.

I felt like I should post it here so we can have a place to have a discussion on what we can improve, as well as other ideas to Make Brewmasters Great Again™.



Talents: 1213121

This macro contains 1 macro version. This Sequence was exported from GSE 2.6.31.

Macro Version 1

Step Function: Priority

KeyPress: Rushing Jade Wind

Main Sequence: Blackout Kick, Celestial Brew, Rushing Jade Wind, Keg Smash, Breath of Fire, Tiger Palm


Boss Fight ^

i will test immediately

It seems like its a good macro but it seems like it starves me on energy

How much haste do you have?

Also updated the macro after more testing. I’m getting an 95% uptime on Rushing Jade Wind with no overcapping, which is almost perfect.

What MS are you running your macro at?

Also there’s a spelling error in Keypress (norharm instead of noharm), and putting spinning crane kick in for no reason is a bad idea, it’s not worth casting even in AoE situations.

It’s 100% worth using spinning crane for the dmg. Go watch top brewmasters they use spinning crane

I am a top brewmaster without macroimg, and you can go look at warcraftlogs right now, you might see 1 or 2 uses of it at most on even the most AoE heavy fight like Hivemind. It’s a noob trap.

Pretty sure trance is a top brew lol but w.e makes u feel better. I’d follow #1 brew who is actually the top brew

I watch trance and andybrew, and both recommend using spinning crane kick in most situations, as it gives more damage per energy cost than other abilities.

I’m currently at 100ms

And also note, I mostly play in M+ at the moment. In single target scenarios like raids it may be worth it to remove Spinning Crane Kick from the macro entirely, and cast that separately from the macro itself.
I do want to point out and remind you of the other passive part of spinning crane kick where it pulls the orbs created from Gift of the Ox to you, so its a good choice to help heal when you dont really need to cast Expel Harm to absorb the orbs.


My macro is trash compared to Mercurio’s. I suggest you go there for now!

Working on improving mine.

Tested for a while, and think I’ve finally found where I want my macro to be.

Celestial brew is the only defensive I have here that I am casting on cooldown, the rest of the large cooldowns/defensives are cast on my own.

New Update:

I encounter a lot of random Rushing Jade Wind downtime, especially at the beginning of an encounter, so I have implemented a reset=target rushing jade wind castline so it casts that at the beginning of an encounter, and attempts to do so every time I change targets. This is nice since I usually target the main mob of an encounter, and I can swap targets to immediately refresh my RJW if it happens to be a high mobility fight so my abilities dont all get fired off.

I don’t know why, when I spammed it, it didn’t attack with “Keg Smash” at all :(.
*note- I am level 39, maybe because of it?

Ill make you a quick leveling macro to use! Give me a second.

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Try this one out, it covers abilities you currently have, and a few you get in a few levels as well. Its not optimal, but it shouldnt lock up.

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will try this one and let ya know, thx! <3

update, now its attacking with Keg Smash, but rarely with Breath Of Fire, weird O_O

Ill check it later on tonight.

Remove Expel Harm from the macro. That should help

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