Make Guardians Great Again™

My goal with all of my macros is to provide a macro to attack the dps side of the tank, while having (most) control over defensives so you can concentrate on the mobs in front of you. I’ve come up with this Guardian Druid macro with that in mind.

Keep in mind that your haste will affect the ironfur casts, so if you find its casting it too often, go into the macro and change the inner loop limit to a higher number. This macro is probably my favorite one so far in terms of performance.



Talents: 1231321

This macro contains 1 macro version. This Sequence was exported from GSE 2.6.31.

Macro Version 1

Step Function: Priority

Pre Macro: Ironfur

KeyPress: Bear Form, Moonfire

Main Sequence: Swipe, Mangle, Moonfire, Thrash


Very Nice
Run it with 100 MS

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I should have included that in my intro, yes indeed all of my macros are meant to fire at 100ms

Awesome…thank you…please keep these coming through shadowlands…

Any requests? The only other characters I’m planning on playing is Havoc DH and Discipline Priest.

Already have a Brewmaster and Restoration Druid macro.


i use a Corsair K55 Keyboard how do i run the macro with 100ms ? sorry im new to this any help would be appreciated

You need to download the corsair cue software first, then create a macro from there, and edit the times for keypress to go down then up to 100ms

You have to go to the addon, then you go to options, then to MS Click Rate and you enter 100

The big problem with this is that your rage stays so low churning out the 4 main spells, that you only ever have enough for 1 or 0 ironfurs. So all in all it means it’s a fun DPS build (like you said) - but the tank aspect is a bit screwed. I can’t walk into a dungeon with this as my ironfur needs to be 2ish.

If you have Maldraxxus as a pact, you can do it as a KeyRelease or PostMacro.

/cast [@player,nochanneling] Evolved Swarm

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hm… what skills you use for rage generation ? This macros alwas use Mangle (when proc too) and Thrash. That skills always on cd.

Correct. Mangle gets cast as priority over the castsequence, even when it procs. The only rage spending mechanic is ironfur. What would you suggest I change, @Beshi since it only spends rage on ironfur

I was thinking maybe having blood frenzy over brambles, or even bristling fur. But thats the only rage generation i can think of.

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It’s a very good question. I’m not sure. I’ll keep using it and see where it goes. The rotation hits too fast to get to 2nd or 3rd ironfur. Maybe it’s impossible to do with a one button.
I’ve got around it by using bezerk at key moments to drive up the furs.

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If it is too fast for you, you can slow down the keystroke with more MS

Where would be a good spot for maul?

Shouldn’t it just be using thrash moonfire and iron fur? Is there any need for anything else?

And what macros shoud be use when that skills on cd ? Moonfire spam ?

Hey i was wondering if u can put in Pulverize and Bristling Fur also in this macro?

You could simply just add Bristling fur in the first line to get it to cast on cooldown, so

/cast Bristling Fur

Pulverize wouldn’t be something I would ever put into my own macros, since its more of a specific time you want it to cast and not randomly.