MM Raiding [High Performance]

Similar to my BM macros, I have created a simplified MM ST and AOE macro for everybody.

  • Talents are 1322232
  • Explosive Shot is added to the AOE Macro, not in Single Target macro. The damage is not that great on Single Target.
  • Auto Double Tap
  • Trueshot is manually cast on CTRL.
  • Shift is Covenant Ability currently it’s set to Night Faes.
  • Talents are recommended from Icy Veins

Single Target




Great Macro, thanks. Is it possible to combine covenant ability and volley on one modifire?

Hey, ty for macro. It is not casting enough “Arcane Shot” and this is causing drop the sim dps .

I’ll add more. I think you want to add one - two more AS into the macro.

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Yes the code looks like this.

/castsequence [mod: shift, @cursor] Wild Spirits, Volley

You would want to put that in the keypress area.

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Also wanted to add, you should only be using AS on procs as you get a damage bonus. But I added them in for general rotation.

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@Moonsorrow_1414 what ms is this on

I run all my macros at 70-80 MS unless its my Warrior’s they are at 40.

I cant get this to import

@Moonsorrow_1414 you’ve said you’re running your macros at 70-80 ms, are not afraid about the new ToS that you should be in blizzard eyes?

this isnt against tos

I’m not afraid of the TOS because everything being done is an in game command. Blizzard can’t ban you for using their own spells. If they do, then they would have to ban millions of players.

running macros isnt against ToS

You’re right it’s not. BUT pushing/holding a button faster than any human can/might get the notice of Blizz therefore it can become ban worthy.

Timothy Luke has suggested multiple times a macro keypress should be between 100-200 ms.

Not only is that emulating human speed it also ensures your spells are being used in the proper order instead of being skipped around becoming more and more random at a faster speeds becoming unpredictable or in most cases WORSE in your DPS numbers. For example my macro the sweet spot is 112 ms.

tl;dr:99 ms>play w/ fire. 100 ms<…profit?

So has anyone used this to raid Castle Nathria on their MM hunters?

If so, how was the performance?

Im considering trying this out. Would probably put out all CDs and do those manually + doing the opener myself. But i could see an advantage using this, when CDs aint available, to focus more on mechanics etc

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I had a friend use this on Castle Nathria this week, he was #2 on the DPS scales throughout 6 bosses.

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Ive tested it now.

Something that doesnt work, is the usage of Steady Focus talent = cast 2x Steady shot -> get +7% haste buff.

Can we fix somehow ?

How to i add macro’s like this? only number and letters ? :pp


I didn’t choose the Steady Focus talent for that reason alone. It’s harder to implement with everything else. Streamline works better for the macro.