monkaCat's BM ST & AoE UPDATED 5 April 2021

Hi there,

I’ve created two seperate Macros for my BM Hunter. Currently ~216 GS (Criticism-Eredar) rocking HC CN and Mythic keys.

I only rarely loose Frenzy (Barbed Shot).
Bestial Wrath and Aspect of the Wild have to be used manually as well as trinkets!
Using Corsair iCue @70ms.
For BW: I stop firing the macro, then use BW and fire the macro again.
For Aspect of the Wild: I use AotW while holding down the macro key since it isn’t on GCD.

My logs (please don’t forget to set it to HC, I pugged the first 2 bosses on Mythic):




For ST: Bloodshed is the best Talent (simmed) with Killer Cobra only being back by 0.1% for me. Please Sim this for yourself!
For AoE: 21X2X11 is the way to go.

Hold SHIFT (mouseover) for Tar Trap and Flare combo.
!!! Be aware that the macro doesn’t automatically recognize when the Tar Trap is triggered. Hence I usually hold the macro key on my mouse with iCue, pressing shift, releasing it, waiting until the Tar Trap is triggered and then I’m holding SHIFT + macro key again to fire off Flare. !!!

Removed it from the Macro

Not using the Soulforge Embers (SFE) legendary anymore. I am using Rylakstalker’s instead.
Why? It’s simple:

  • Less buttons to press
  • Rylakstalker’s is only ~2-3% worse than SFE
  • Finally no more “aahhh dang, the tank didn’t pull the boss/mob through the tar trap. Can’t light it up then :/”
  • No more need to wait until the tar trap is being executed
  • Rylakstalker’s gets better the more ilvl and crit% you got due to its effect




Talents: 2122211

This macro contains 1 macro version. This Sequence was exported from GSE 2.6.51.

Macro Version 1

Step Function: Priority

Pre Macro: Kill Shot, Barbed Shot, Kill Command

KeyPress: Revive Pet, Call Pet 1

Main Sequence: Kill Shot, Barbed Shot, Kill Command

KeyRelease: Kill Command

Post Macro: Kill Shot, Barbed Shot, Kill Command, Steady Shot




Talents: 2122211

This macro contains 1 macro version. This Sequence was exported from GSE 2.6.51.

Macro Version 1

Step Function: Priority

Pre Macro: Multi-Shot, Barbed Shot, Kill Command, Steady Shot

KeyPress: Revive Pet, Call Pet 1

Main Sequence: Kill Shot, Barbed Shot, Kill Command, Multi-Shot

Post Macro: Kill Shot

For Raiding I switch to Niyas Tools:Burrs, playing with Bloodletting in the first Potency slot.

My Covenant Conduits for M+:

It seems that Poison just got bad for w/e reason OMEGALUL. Will do the questline and check on Korayn with First Strike.

If there is anything I can improve on this macro let me know :slight_smile:

Kind regards

added Conduits to OP
just found out that Korayn is better overall with the last slot “First Strike”

updated OP with Armory, RIO and WCL due to name change

  • also trying to improve Cobra Shot usage while KC is on CD

did you mean 95% parse H CN??

I’m not seeing that…your best parse is Huntsman @ 62%

for 197gs at that time a 95 ilvl parse is pretty good :slight_smile:

I mean like, of cause I won’t have a super high normal parse because my ilvl is still pretty low compared to all of the other BM hunters.

not seeing the 95% parse anywhere

Please don’t forget, there is a difference between the “normal” parse and ilvl parse.
“normal” parse is compared to all people with any ilvl.
iLvl parse is compared to +/- 1 ilvl of the gear score you are wearing at that time.

Criticism is the IGN

95 ilvl parse

90 ilvl parse

89 ilvl parse

93 ilvl parse


thanks for the macro. Some questions:

  1. You talk about “One button” but Bestial Wrath and Aspect are not in your rotation. So you pressing them manual for Sync, right?
  2. Trinkets are not automatic pressed by the macro so I guess here aswell you doing it manual?
  3. When pressing the CDs manual do you press the macro key or do you let go?
  4. Which MS you running that script?

Thanks man :slight_smile:

Sorry, forgot to get thus things in :slight_smile:

  1. yea I use BW and Aspect separately since it’s better to manage with BL for example. True that it’s not super 1 button :stuck_out_tongue:
  2. I currently use the Sludgefist HC trinket and the dice from DoS. The Sludgefist trinket doesn’t need activation. For the dice I use a separate WA to show if it will either provide Stats, CC break or mana to a healer.
    It’s not that good to have it automatically used since the usage will depend on the situation.
  3. Technically you will only have to hold the button down. What I sometimes still do is to shortly release the key but that’s just from muscle memory.
  4. at 70ms with Corsair iCue :slight_smile:

All love to you! <3

Thanks :slight_smile: The mention was not to blame you that it is not a single button only to understand what you are doing else :slight_smile:

Thanks, will test it

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Hey y’all!

Updated the macro in OP :slight_smile:

Kind regards

hi monkacat thanks for update macro, i am currently using your singles aoe. like you i use corsair, and i would like to know how to set the 70 ms do you use it manually, or do you use the mouse automatically programmed?

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Hi there,
this is how my setup for that looks like.
“Taste drücken 1” means “press key 1”
“Ausführung für 70 ms anhalten” means “pause for 70 ms”
“Taste loslassen 1” means “release key 1”

You will need to ass a button press and a delay. Then double click the added ms and you will be able to edit it. Beware: you will have to click on “okay/yes” to confirm.

Kind regards

ok put as you said so I manually press in bursts right?

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you can set the button to repeat itself whilst holding and just let the macro play :smiley: on burst phase simply let off, use your buffs and then let it fire on again

theres a major update to icue and looks totaly different now and really hard to figure out until u dig around with it but its a nice update.

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can’t see any differences tbh :smiley: still looks the same as on the screenshot above. Current Software version is 3.38.61.

Kind regards

yes its different just have to download it running version 4.9.350

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would like to se the option of bloodshed in the macro since its the best for ST

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I use Killer Cobra for Raiding. The difference is just by 1-3 dps for me as per my last sim :smiley:

I have tried almost all bm macroes here,
this is my personal best.
especially i love that BW is not in this macro.
much better dps. thank u monkaCat.
may i ask u sth?
why does st macro’s premacro have killshot n aoe doesnt?
just curious. thanks a lot again!

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Oi you are welcome! :slight_smile:
Yeah, I like to manage my CDs myself :smiley:

Uhm tbh, idk lmao. In most of the cases AoE fights ain’t that long and Kill Shot may not have that huge of an impact but rather having a new beast cleave stack up e.g. . Indeed I most likely just forgot to add it though :'D