monkaCat's BM ST & AoE UPDATED 5 April 2021

after importing this it did not fire so i deleted it and tried to re-import… now it will no longer import anything else on ANY toon (no im not at max macros) dont know what to do to fix

try to delete the Cache folder from your WoW directory. Also check your “normal” macro section with /macros . It’s not just the current active macros that count but rather all of the created ones :slight_smile:


@everyone in this thread:

I noticed that the Macro isn’t fireing Cobra Shot enough, I’m kinda testing stuff rn to get just some more cobra shots out :slight_smile:
If you got any improvements for that part, please let me know! :smiley:

Cheers me lads!

This macro is a beast. Im only using the ST one and i have shift mod for multi-shot and alt mod for Bestial Wrath. I also think this is really nice in PvP aswell.
My ilevel is 195 and im doing around 3,1k on target dummy for 10 min and i sim 3,3k.
In dungs im usually around 2,9 to 4,5k on bossfights and thats depending on what fights it is.
I use 100 ms and it really rocks. Ty so much for this one.
Best regards


you are very much welcome!

If there is anything you know on how to improve Cobra Shot usage whilst Kill Command is still on CD, please let me know :slight_smile:


Sure np. But atm i feel very comfortable with this macro :slight_smile:

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monkaCat, what is your crit & haste?
im satisfied with my dps from your macro,
but i lose frenzy quite often.
(u wrote u rarely lose frenzy)
my stat is quite bad even im 219lv,
mastery is 39% too high, haste 12% too low.
just wanna know if i improve my stats, could be better with frenzy.

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Hi there,

I’ve updated the OP with RIO, Armory and WCL due to a recent name change of my char :slight_smile:

Yet though here are my current stats:
1324 Agility
25% crit
17% haste
26% mastery
11% versatility

Ideally I will need more vers/crit and less mastery.

Please also always consider simming yourself with the gear that you own already as well run a droptimizer.


Alrighty everyone! Seems like this works a bit better for me in terms of Cobra Shot usage.

Please report to me if it’s better for you overall :slight_smile:

Also I’ve added Shift mod for Tar Trap@mouseover and alt mod for Binding Shot@mouseover to help the tank kite better.



Talents: 2122211

This macro contains 1 macro version. This Sequence was exported from GSE 2.6.51.

Macro Version 1

Step Function: Priority

Pre Macro: Kill Shot, Barbed Shot, Kill Command

KeyPress: Tar Trap, Revive Pet, Binding Shot, Call Pet 1

Main Sequence: Kill Shot, Barbed Shot, Kill Command, Steady Shot

KeyRelease: Kill Command

Post Macro: Kill Shot, Barbed Shot, Kill Command, Steady Shot


i have tested with dummy 5times each.
old one dps normally 0.2k~0.3k better.
my current stat is 222lv, crit 22 , haste 12.
(maybe low haste character shouldnt fire cobra shot often)

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thanks for testing in first place!

you are right, since I’m testing on my BM with higher haste than yours, my focus regeneration is higher and so it is better for me to fire more Cobra Shots to improve downtimes.
Hence with less haste the old one will be better I guess :smiley:



I have a qustion ?
where would you put Flayed Shot in the macro ?


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I have a couple of questions, so far this macro has served me the best but I don’t think I use it right. I click my mouse button for every cast (I think others are holding it since they set an ms delay with their mouse controls) is that correct?

If someone knows how to program a Logitech mouse that can share I’d be most appreciative.

I think because I’m a clicker my pet runs off and attacks the next mob even if I don’t have it targeted, it seems like an attack click is stored in memory sending my pet to attack, does that make sense? Obviously, causing issues in M+.

Any help is greatly appreciated.


Does your mouse have programmable software? You can also use AutoHotKey that basically does the same thing as a programmable mouse. While it’s not difficult to set up it’s probably best to look on YouTube to get proper instructions. There are some folks here that know far more about this than I, perhaps they’ll help you. I use a Razer mouse and keyboard with programmable software. I do wish you good luck!

I have just about every MMo mouse, you name the brand and I probably have it. I prefer the Logitech G600 since I like the feel of the side buttons plus it has middle mouse click and middle mouse click left and right. But understanding how GSE interfaces is my issue.

It really isn’t how GSE interfaces that you need to figure out - it’s what software you are gonna use. For me, I have my razer set up to fire a certain key when i press it. I like to use the 2, 3,4, and 5 keys for my macros so I set up my razer software to fire continuously when I press one of those keys. The macro is slotted to say my 4 key in the game and when i press that key the razer software then fires that key over at 100 ms until i release the key. Simple as that!

@clip121 Thanks, I guess I need to figure out how to do that with my Logitech G600.

Yessir or you can use an AHK program also. Some folks have posted AHK scripts here that work - you can also look at that.

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tbh I can’t tell since I’m NF and I press Wild Spirits manually.

Got to admit, no clue how Flayed Shot even works :smiley:

I increased my haste,
now my stats are
crit 22.6 & haste 20.8
now new macro dps is 0.1~0.2k higher than old one!
thx monkaCat :slight_smile:

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