Moon's Affilciation Lock of Doom -- MORE DOTS! (M+ ONLY)

Hi All

Here is my Affliction Macro, I have played Affliction for years. This macro is a more Mythic+ style, not used for raiding. It’s meant for big AOE packs, as it includes Vile Taint, which is not to be used in single-target situations.

v1 - DF Update
v2 - Massive update, fixing Vile Taint on ALT with no channeling code, also added Summon Soulkeeper.

Talents are included as well as the help guide

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This macro works quite well - thanks for posting! Getting used to the key mods but so far I love it!

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in the macro variables in keyrelease is /cassequence reset=combat null,

Yes, that is fine, if you remove the macro variable it will spam in chat.

yeah i know right :wink:

@TimothyLuke Is it possible to have the macro variables section as an option, not a requirement? I ask because if you don’t put anything in there, it basically lets chat know you’re spamming a macro. I ask because there are certain specs that just don’t need that area, like Affliction Locks.

It is completely optional. If you don’t need a variable delete it. If chat is spamming - fix your actions by removing the reference.


Hi All

I am editing out this to make it better with Soulkeeper, which is now doing more DPS since Blizzard fixed it. I kept SoC on Shift and Vile Taint on ALT, but Vile Taint is now castable on the cursor.

what cov and legends?

I am Necro, and Bolt is in the macro. As for leggo, your going to want Wrath of Consumption

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no point in leggos now !

until they become obsolete im gonna use them as mush as possible

Why can’t I press shift or alt to use Seed of Corruption and Vile Taint?
nothing happens

Check your macro stubs, and reset them in the options if you have another keybinding or another addon using those keys, it can cause issues.

I tried all the methods, shift and alt, but still can’t activate the skill.
ps:shift and alt are not bound to other keys separately

I have found the reason, because my game language is not English, all skill names cannot be translated, I translated the skill into my language and it worked

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can you post the translations. im not to familiar with aff lock and just switched over

This macro is in English so what language you need it to be translated to?

I don’t know what your game language is, you need to enter /gs, and translate the skill name in white font to the skill name in your game language (it will appear in light blue font after success).