Moon's Affilciation Lock of Doom -- MORE DOTS! (M+ ONLY)

Just to update this, I’m not touching this macro until 10.0.5 comes out. There have been some massive changes to the class tree, and some changes to the spec tree for Warlocks. Lots of changes that I had in my macro are either being removed or being changed to different talent areas, which may or may not be useful.

I don’t like that Blizzard is changing stuff every week or every few weeks, it makes it much more difficult for us to create good macros.


watching this topic as I’ve always had a soft spot for affli in the past and have gone main lock for DF

Same I used to be a PVP monster as Affliction back in the day.

maybe now is the time to start thinking about this? more and more locks are going affli, it’s even the best warlock spec in raid atm.

not by much atm but when more people switch i’m sure that number will go up :slight_smile:

I’ve tried to make one but I just can’t get it right.

It’s on my to-do list just haven’t had the time. Sadly IRL work is more important than WoW Work. As a CMO for a big company, I have had my hands full with work.

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IRL always comes before wow stuff, I just have too much “free” time as a syste engineer because I can automate most of my work :smiley:

Yep I used to run IT departments left and right, but it’s changed a lot here with automation, I still do plenty of IT work, but it’s more development now with SEO/SEM.

One thing I wanted to note, I just ran the first wing of LFR, and wow that wing is not melee-friendly at all. I think that could be another reason you’re seeing more people starting to play Locks. The top 5 basically were Hunter, Boomkin, Lock, Hunter, and Evoker. Though the Lock in the group was Demo.

Just an FYI I should have an update on this soon.

I’ve been testing out a new sequence, and it’s so far working really well with adding Soul Rot to it. I’m not doing Haunt, because while it’s good, it won’t work as well on a macro. Soul Rot on the other hand works really well in a macro. I also have SoC on a shift modifier, so it becomes a one-button.

There is a bug and I’m not sure if it’s with the macro or Blizzard, but Agony is not working with Vile Taint.


Thanks moon an up to date mythic+ and Raid macro has been needed for awhile for affliction.

What I have is actually performing really good. While I am still leveling my toon, I can honestly say I’m doing the DPS numbers that my Hunter or WW Monk is doing in terms of dungeons. This tells me that the macro is performing at a high level.

The big change that I did from my previous version was removing dead spells or spells that won’t be needed in 10.0.5. Also, I went away from the Haunt build and more towards Soul Rot, which is super strong and on a very quick CD with the other talents and UA.

The build focuses on M+ but it’s called the Grim Reach build to work with Darkglare. I have DG on a separate button for now. Basically, you are not supposed to cast DG unless all the DoTs are up on the boss, as you get a big damage boost from DG. So this is why it’s manually controlled.

I will also change Summon Soulkeeper to Inquisitor’s Gaze as IG seems to do more damage, and it’s passive. With 10.0.5 this will become an auto passive, meaning it will be next to you at all times if you have the talent and won’t need to be summoned.

The only big change left is Vile Taint, which for some reason works but won’t spread Agony as it should. I think this is a bug with Blizzard though, but I haven’t seen any updates on it in 10.0.5.

The version below is in BETA but it’s very close to being complete.

While this isn’t complete here is a BETA version of it. You can use these talents: BkQAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAgISSSiEi0UIItkkEpBAAAAkGAAAAAAAJpRSiEJJRRSCAA


Updated OP with the sequence and macros.

Hey @Moonsorow

Thank you for this Macro, im new so i have some questions…
Can i just spam the macro or do i need to wait for the casts or something? In Dungeon it only cast Unstable Affliction nothing more… in PVE its working

Ty boss

Try re-importing. Mine casts all spells including Soul Rot. Check your talents too.

I actually got this issue later on during Timewalking, it seems like it was fixed, not sure if it was Tim who fixed it or Blizzard.

sad to hear. those ads (let’s be honest really not that inconvenient ads for the value that this website brings for FREE) pay for US to use this website (again for FREE). hope you have a change of heart because many of us love your macros. cheers

I understand the stand you are taking and why. However i have a question only because im a little confused. i see an ad on either side of screen and thats it. i never have to close an add to reply or anything. is this a phone issue? i ask because on my computer they arent really an issue at all.


Just testing things on the site, nothing is set in stone people.

Actually had some ideas to incentivize macro creators, but sometimes changes do not seem to be well received, so I will just put it on the back burner to prevent drama and not being able to please everybody.

Back to the topic, thanks!


Thanks mate. DM me if you want any help, as I said I’m a CMO at a big B2B company, and yes we do run ads too but we do them a bit differently.