Moon's and Bee's Feral Druid (End Game)

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Here is my macro based on Elf’s original concept.

To note, please run this at 100 ms if you use hardware emulation (iCUE, Synapse) but if you are running software emulation like AHK please run this at 250 ms.

v2 Update - Massive Structure Changes

I have had to make some structural changes to the macros to fit what Blizzard wants us to be at level 70. Primal Wrath for example is no longer good in single target situations, and only should be used on AOE situations this is because of the talent “Circle of Life & Death” that makes your DoTs tick faster. With Primal Wrath, you put a faster version of a rip on the target, so it’s counterintuitive to put a faster ticking rip on the target with that talent.

For AOE, Ferocious Bite has been added to the rotation this is because of the talent “Rampant Ferocity” which allows you to hit everyone with a rip on it. It’s very powerful when it crits and can make your AOE damage be very high.

For single-target encounters, choosing Ashmane is a better talent overall because it makes both Rake and Shred hit as they are stealthy for a period of time, meaning you can see some very high crits with this talent. Also, energy is lowered during this phase, making single targets much more inlined with Outlaw Rogues and not using that much energy. This helps Berzerk: Frenzy too as that allows your bleeds to do 125% more damage. With “Circle of Life and Death” making your dots tick faster, this will help your DPS overall.

Finally Veinripper versus Rip & Tear. Seeing how Circle of Life and Death works, you do not want Rip & Tear, instead, you want your dots to last longer, so you can get an extra tick or two (based on haste).

Once you have enough haste, you can remove the talent in Tireless Energy as energy regeneration is tied to haste. This probably won’t happen until 10.1 though.

As for Apex Predator, it’s a great talent but never procs in single-target fights so it’s useless. In AOE it works well, but it’s not worth the position just for AOE.

Adaptive Swarm was not chosen as it’s a very lackluster talent, both on damage and healing.

Below I also included manual macros, these will help with stealth issues as for some reason Brutal Slash keeps going off in stealth. This is actually a bug in the game and not with the macro. Similar to Convoke the Spirits not casting if you were a Night Fae in Shadowlands.

v1 - DF Update
v1.1 - Updated the Bezerk code, kept Barkskin disabled, and also removed the healing portion.
v1.2 - Reworked the rotation to include Moonfire and Adaptive Swarm. Removed Barkskin from the macro 100%.
v1.2.1 - Added AOE Macro that includes Thrash and Swipe. It also includes the finisher Primal Wrath which is just godly for AOE. Also added Adaptive Swarm, this is a talent that is just way overpowered right now.
v1.3 - Reworked the rotation again, it no longer includes Ferocious Bite or Rip, and only has Primal Wrath which is a lot better than both. Removed Moonfire as well, for now, DPS isn’t that good compared to Rake.
v1.4 - Semi Rotation re-work adding Brutal Slash and Bloodtalons. Removing Adaptive Swarm, for now, to help with energy starvation. Updated talent code below. This will probably be the final update until 70.
v2 - Level 70 update with massive changes.
v2.1 - Minor change to both AOE and Single Target macros for better performance.
v2.2 - Readjusted some talents to fit more of the Primal Wrath playstyle. After 10.0.5 you will see this being the dominant build, not FB. Also re-added FB to shift the modifier if you have Apex talented. Talents are coming from the guild Method, as their Feral Druid is doing super high damage. Sometimes FB doesn’t fire, so please have it on a secondary button. This is because the KeyPress area is bloated.

Single Target Prowl Code (create a separate macro in the game, not through GSE)

/targetenemy [noharm][dead]
/cast [noform:2] Cat Form
/cast [nostealth,nocombat] Prowl
/castsequence [nochanneling]   reset=combat  Rake, Rip, null

AOE Prowl Code (create a separate macro in the game, not through GSE)

/targetenemy [noharm][dead]
/cast [noform:2] Cat Form
/cast [nostealth,nocombat] Prowl
/castsequence [nochanneling]   reset=combat  Rake, Primal Wrath, null

Talent Code


Single Target - GSE Code


AOE - GSE Code


Damage Screenshot (AOE)


im getting confused-- are you Elfyau?

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No - Me and him have gotten into many disagreements on macros over the long years. While his macros are All In One style, mine are not. The core functions that Elfyau does is very good so I take his and modify them to fit the play style that I do which is end-game mythic+ and raiding.

I’m not mad at this macro at all. but i don’t know if u double checked your macro cause when i import it. It still has barkskin as part of the macro. i edited mine cause i like to pop berzerk and barksin as needed. but just wanted to give you a heads up. 2nd I was wondering when you’ll get around to a AoE build. cause i love the single target one. but im sure as mythic and raiding as usual will be alot of mass trash pulls. great work thanks and looking forward to what you cook up!

Yes, Barkskin is still in the macro, but it’s disabled there are others who would like to keep it so I left it there. I did make the error on Bezerk though, please enable that box.

I just updated the macro in the original post. Please see the update there.

i cant get this macro to work – my druid is only ilvl 225 but its only doing 2k damage=(

There a lot of people with issue, Tim posted a guide on this earlier.

I really like this macro. My druid is getting over 10k with it. Thanks so much.

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my other macros work here, but feral druid never works for me

Can’t tell you why without more information.

hey any chance of you working on a AoE macro also <3

Any chance of getting an updated talent tree?


Probably not because you have abilities in the macro cast in AOE like Thrash. Also, there are talents that make specific powers cleave in AOE.

At 70 yes, at point, you want to be using Bee’s talents. The rotation is the same but does more damage. But we need the last couple of points that you get at 70. You want that second point of Swarm to make it useful.

I would need to play with this at 70 to see what needs to be added.

Hi All

I made an update on the original post. I adjusted the talents more specifically for Adaptive Swarm, the ability is just OP right now. I also added Moonfire.

Hi All

Just updated the original post with the AOE macro. I’m seeing 15k+ numbers in M+ with it on AOE trash packs. Adaptive Swarm and Primal Wrath are just way overpowered right now.

I’ll be posting a 1.3 update later this evening, that effectively removes Rip and Ferocious Bite from the rotation. Primal Wrath in Dragonflight is much better than both.

From the DPS charts, if I keep Rip and Ferocious Bite in, I’m typically in 3rd in M+ DPS, if I just add Primal Wrath and remove Rip and Ferocious Bite, I’m on top of the DPS charts. That right there shows Blizzard’s intent for Feral.

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I played with this macro for several hours last night and I love it. My druid was and is terribly geared and is still putting up good numbers. This and your Affliction Lock macro are top notch - thanks!

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Glad you like them! I think my WW one is surefire, and probably going to be my main for Dragonflight. Once Evokers are out, I am going to try my hand there and develop a macro, but I know it’s going to be a challenge because of the new charging system.

Updated original post to 1.3! The changelog was also updated in the original post.