Moon's Death by Stars - Single Target and AOE

Here are my macros for Boomkins, I never really played Boomkins in previous expansions only as an off-spec for Resto.

Seeing that Kitty is a bit odd at the moment, I wanted to see if it was possible to create something easier.

The biggest change is that Wrath is dedicated to Single Target and Starfire is now only used in AOE. This makes the macro creation a lot easier. I have the dots timer set to 50, at 40 the dots were still refreshing too quickly. So 50 should be a good number, but let me know in the comments if this should be changed.

I think this is solid, but if anybody wants to make changes go for it. I didn’t include Fury of Elune and went the New Moon route, which is slightly better in M+ during stacked AOE trash packs. Wild Mushroom is included in both macros, and so is Fungal Growth which makes it useful in single target situations.

Run this at 100 ms if you use hardware emulation. If you use AHK, please run at 250 ms, but I can’t support it as I don’t use it.

v1 - Initial Build
v1.1 - Fixed AOE and Single Target, and made sure dots were being re-casted later on.

Talents - It’s the Mushroom Build on WoWHead but I made changes.

Single Target




Forgot that Incarnation is similar to Evoker.

Please add this in both AOE and Single Target, replacing the Incarnation spell

/castsequence [@cursor, nochanneling] Incarnation: Chosen of Elune

This is a great macro set.
have 1 question for everybody else testing this on dummies. When on the AoE dummies, do you constantly go in and out of combat while firing off the macro? i wish i could show what is happening, but the dps numbers constantly jump between 0 to 60k+ cuz keep going out of combat every other second.

Yes, I have observed the same issue in various other classes as well, and I believe it to be a bug. I first noticed this during the beginning of patch 9.0 in Shadowlands, and it appears that it hasn’t been rectified yet.

To verify this, I ran a few tests within a span of 15 minutes, and during AOE, my average DPS was around 35k. Consequently, AOE appears to be functioning properly, and with the recent changes made to Wrath and Starfire, we no longer require blending those rotations. Hence, we can have two distinct rotations and macros.

I conducted a test on a Heroic difficulty last night, and it worked flawlessly. However, my experience was slightly hindered by two other players who were overgeared, making it difficult for me to perform a thorough analysis.

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Seems to be performing great, the AoE is slightly lackluster but I tried ST on a 5+ pull open world and it worked great.

It may need a bit of tweaking but as a base macro it’s doing really good.

Well done.

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love this macro. if your not on testing dummy the not getting that issue. so just let the bug run its course and you see good numbers.

Now i have a non dummy issue and need to know if anybody else is getting it (still making this my Balance only macro right now) i am getting a 1-3 second non casting before i cast first spell? once it gets going, i’m getting great dps.

AoE is 1-2nd dps. i get 2nd when i get a better iLvl than me. lol

yes I too get the delay before it opens up

I am also experiencing a short delay, which seems to be related to either Sunfire or Moonfire.

Tomorrow, I will send an update after fixing some issues on the AOE side. Primarily, I removed Starsurge, which is a single target spell, and replaced it with Starfall. This change significantly improved my numbers as I was not losing arcane power as frequently. If you would like to make the same adjustment, simply remove the two Starsurges in the first area and the KeyRelease section at the bottom. Just be sure to remove the ~~ KeyRelease ~~ on each line. The final result should look like this:

~~ KeyPress ~~
/cast [nochanneling] Starfall

Another option is to create a separate macro specifically for dots. This may be the best solution, as it eliminates the need to worry about the reset parameter that I currently have set up. Moonfire, Sunfire, and Stellar Flame all have long durations, so this approach could be a good idea.

Although you could also assign it to a keypress, I encountered some difficulty with that as it did not always activate. Therefore, a separate button might be the most reliable option.

/castsequnce [nochanneling] Moonfire, Sunfire, Stellar Flame

Yep, I’ll have an update tomorrow that improves the AOE DPS more. You’ll see much larger numbers, I did 110k tonight AA, and finished the instance with 38k DPS at 343 item level.

The biggest issue is the dots, I think they are being refreshed too quickly. I suggested in my latest reply to creating a separate macro just for the dots, it might be the best idea or someone figure out how to make sure stop casting actually stops the cast.

The way it should be done in the KeyPress area should be

/stopcasting [mod:alt]
/castsequence [mod:alt] MF, SF

I don’t know why but it’s not working. I have the same thing on my Fire Mage and works fine.

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Also, Incarnation: Chosen of Elune in the ST is stopping me from moving while trying to cast.

Tried " /cast [combat] Incarnation: Chosen of Elune "

and it seemed to alleviate the issue.

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Thank you for that, I’ll update the macro

I just updated the original post, with some updates to single target and AOE. Let me know what you think.


Just a quick update, I’ll upload another copy tomorrow but the rotation on both I forgot to include reset=combat

This way it does the dots first on every new pull.


please let us know when you have done it i cant wait to try it

You can use the one I mentioned in the original post, just need to change the reset=combat in the main rotation and its good to go.

bro im dumb as shit when it comes to macros thats why im on here … that and because i cant use my hands very well soo ill wait untill you are ready i dont wana mess anything up

the update seems to be doing less dps then the previous edition. still have this lag before spells are casting. wonder what is causing both.

i think i may have figured out what causes or caused the “delay”. it appears to have been the @cursor in the celestial alignment block. i removed it and the seemed to fixed the problem.

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how do i remove it? could you maybe send me the script for single and aoe plz

i will try that. thank you.