Moon's WW with Strike of the Windlord and Chi Burst

Hi All

Below is my first update on the Level 70 code. Lots of changes to outline.

  • WDP is not included, this is due to a skill animation issue because all the new mobs now use GTAOE (Ground Target AOE), if you are in animation and on a GTAOE from the boss, you will get hit and die. Until Blizzard allows WDP to be used while moving, and not having this skill animation issue, WDP is not worth it. Blackout Kick is also performing better in a cleave situation.

  • As for Rushing Jade Wind, the damage is so bad that it’s not worth it. This is due to all the changes Blizzard made during the pre-patch.

The damage is good but will kind of lock up too. This is why Chi Burst is still in the macro as it helps with the lockup issues.

v1 - DF update
v1.1 - DF Update with adding Rushing Jade Wind to macro (Thanks to @AikonPT for the mention)
v2.0 - Level 70 Update

I plan on updating this more, including removal of Touch of Death and move it to a ALT control but not yet.

DPS / Damage - Heroic Uldaman (Level 70)

Talent Code


GSE Code:


May the Old Gods bless you. My Monk is viable again. I had benched her at the start of Shadowlands because I couldn’t kill anything. Now she’s a death machine. Awesome!


I was thinking the same thing. Doing some amazing damage considering how terrible my gear is. Good work


Yea my DPS went through the roof. I’m nowhere near as geared as others in my latest M+ run, and I absolutely crushed them in DPS. Easily doing 10-12k more DPS in most cases. I think WW is broken in a good way but holy smokes, some of the new talents that improve Fist of Fury and Xuen and others have made our DPS even better.

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What Cov is the go to?

I’m Kyrian so using Weapons of Order which is the recommended covenant for WW Monks.

I was Venthyr for a while, you can also map their Fallen Order one to ALT if you wish. I don’t know about doing Feline Stomp though, I haven’t tested that yet.

Your exported it as read only we are unable to change anything about this macro, it fires off spirits and Xuen at weird times, This is a good solo play macro.

Hmm, mine doesn’t do that. Mine goes through the entire rotation and does very high DPS.

I think it’s something with your version of GSE. I also just looked in-game the checkbox next to “Export Macro Read Only” is not checked.

Here is the exact step sequence in a Google Doc - You might need to construct this from scratch. Windwalker Step Sequence - Google Docs

Mine just oddly cycles through abilities. Even with an updated GSE just a few min ago.


It works well for me. Thank you!

Mine is also saying “read only” and I cannot edit it not sure what is going on.

im also…all of the new macros cycles through abilities.

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I can’t get this to work. It seems simple enough; import tree and GSE code, which I did and then drag it down. Then it doesn’t work. I was using the Elfyau and it was kinda ok, but the prepatch broke it a few days ago so I was excited to find this post with an improvement to his macro. I had also found a tip that partially fixed the original Elfyau macro by changing the beginning of the macro to /click [nobutton:2] so I tried some different versions of that on this macro and it didn’t work either. Any clues as to what I am missing would be greatly appreciated!!

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This macro is not working for me and i dont know why.
i have imported both GSE code and talent code succesfully.
I have installed latest version of GSE.
but when i try to run the macro it just cycles through the spells without actually casting nothing.
Anyone knows what may i be missing in order to get this to work?
I would appreciate if someone could help us out here. thanks

A lot of the issues that I see here are not with the macro but with GSE and Blizzard.

Check this - Tim (developer of GSE) posted this and some replies about how to get some of the macros to work. Something Got Broke and I wonder if it's Blizzard - #9 by Moonsorrow_1414

Guys they all work, just hit /m, then go the actual macro and change the part that says button 1 to 2 and save it. I have done it on all my alts and it works.


That’s another way to fix it, I haven’t seen that method but thank you. The console code also works too just sucks you have to change that every time you log in.

The Macro is a blast! Thank you!!

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Just giving feedback after testing, the talent tree has Rushing Jade Wind, and its missing from the macro.
everything else works well.

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I haven’t needed to use it but for now, keep it on a separate button or maybe we can add it to shift until I can see where a good placement would be.

I did about 8 M+ this week on my Monk, and (+2-+7) and I’ve been topping meters between 14-22k. I’ll play around to see where it can be added, maybe with Spinning Crane Kick as a cast sequence.