MrV's Venthyr Havoc DH Hitting Sim & High Logs

im using GSE for a while now and tried almost every dh macro here, modified them to my needs and got a very well performing Macro.
Working fine in Raid and M+


Usage Information

Use Macro with 25-30ms
Works with 70+ too but slightly less dps
Meta @Shift
Chaos Nova(AOE Stun] @ctrl
Eyebeam @alt

The macro will be working fine as it is, but to get even better results i have Eyebeam in the macro and as modifier, to fire it manually, if it is not going out fast enough, if you prefer not to have eyebeam in your Rota just delete it in the macro.

Tip for higher dps, wait for 1. Eyebeam than activate Meta ca 6 seconds later and after that immediately use eyebeam again.

This macro contains 1 macro version. This Sequence was exported from GSE 2.6.48.

Macro Version 1

Step Function: Priority

Pre Macro: Sinful Brand, Immolation Aura, Glaive Tempest, Eye Beam

KeyPress: Chaos Nova, Metamorphosis, Eye Beam

Main Sequence: Blade Dance, Chaos Strike, Felblade, Eye Beam, Sinful Brand, Throw Glaive, Immolation Aura, Glaive Tempest

KeyRelease: Immolation Aura, Sinful Brand


For later Usage :slight_smile:

What’s Meta ca? Srry, i’m not smrt.

Meta is Metamorphose, big dmg cd.

Hummm for me it’s not good, Runs fine at the starts ok but then gets tangled in CDs and sits there doing nothing but auto attack.

Using right ms & Talents?<- very important

It’s working 100% flawless for me.
Here’s a video where i just let the macro run without using the mod keys

Made an account just to comment that this macro works by far the best for me of all the ones I’ve tried (which is basically all of them). Thanks!!

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It probably works well at that speed but people are told to not go under 100MS, So this is where a lot of arguments are generating on this site.
You use it at that speed and I’ll use it at 100ms and it won’t be anywhere near your results.
Then I’ll say this is not working well for me so on.
I wish everyone was on the same level then we can compare better.

Different ms, different results for sure.
Try it at 100 will do less dps but should still be decent.

thx for the feedback!

This macro works really well, best I’ve used for dps. I did remove eye beam as i like to cast that at my own preference but other than that this is really good. Great ST and AoE dps - great job!

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Mrv must say, that’s a very well put togheter macro. I was thinking wanna make another version with the CoH Build for M+ ? I was trying to change things … but i’ve made the timings a bit bad.

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y, can understand that, should work fine with having it out of the normal rotation.

I’m working on that but getting problems with the fury generation atm.
But my macro should work fine in m+ I have finished my keystonemaster weeks ago without any problems and topping the dps meter in most runs.

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I ran a few mythic+'s yesterday using this macro and it really shines. My DH is not fantastically geared (195 ilvl) but I was really pouring out the dps. Averaging between 5 and 6k total for the runs which is outstanding. Thanks for the work you’ve done here!


@MrV I’m not at machine right now and can’t test. What are the recommended talents for this macro?

I see you’re getting great parse results in raid; is that normal or heroic?

hc but be aware, that its getting harder to hit this high numbers, many players with golden logs are now using pi (power infusion) to get there.
Logs should still be epic.
The recommended Talents are: 3331211

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Which covenant will be good at 9.0.5 patch or atm?

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can you make a macro with these talents 1230131? Please and thank you.

I like the macro but noticed that you have several lines where you have a castsequence but only one spell. Not sure if that cause it to hang or not but it seems to run better after I changed them to regular cast. This is one example “/castsequence [nochanneling,combat] Eye Beam” and another “/castsequence [nochanneling,combat] Glaive Tempest”

I also notice that no matter what macro I use, they are all super starved for fury. I see only one spell that actually generates Fury now. I guess that is how Bliz is slowing us down. Kind of a dirty backdoor nerf on bliz’s part.