My Macro and Builds I Really Use *Updated* 04/21/2024

I meant absolutely no disrespect from what I said. I too tried what they suggested in that LUA error thread and found what I had stated to be my personal problem. I have no issue with the macro now and enjoy it and def appreciate the work. Was just trying to be helpful with what worked in my personal case.

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My 424 DK with no tier set can pump about 40k :stuck_out_tongue: My friends 502 ilvl DK with 2-set can barely scratch 100k :stuck_out_tongue: We are stumbeled about the performance diffrence compared to ilvl diffrence :stuck_out_tongue: Simmed his char and it should manage 230k’ish so somethings are not adding up on his character beyond what we can figure out :stuck_out_tongue: I’ve looked over this macro set, and I gotta say I love how you’ve made it into 2 parts, yet only need to use the rotation one. I’m gonna try and gear my little furball up and get the tier pices, just to annoy my friend with my anclebiter of a furball doing more than him :3

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how you manage with the cooldowns?

@Doctorpin you need to have both template/macros created, and just use the rotation, it will then use the cool down template when they are available is the simplest way i can break it down. with all due respect

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ok thanks , I will check and let you know :slight_smile:

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regarding the bugsack error…

i noticed you have reanimation pvp in ur talents, i tried to activate that one then disable block with soulreaper (1.10) in main macro and in CD macro: disable block 1.3 summon gargoyle , 1.10 arcane torrent( panda dk) , 1.11 soul reaper and 1.12 Vile contagion

but still that bug pops right at the start of the macro. looked into the debugger, but didnt see anything there either.

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I believe Soul Reaper is in the Cool Down Macro/Template, I do a lot of PvP and a ton of build changes depending on the comp i am up against, for the template i posted i removed or disabled the chains of ice otherwise it should fire off as intended.
My Current build i normally run are pretty much 2 below and they both work well for me.



@ Pitbullberg First, i guess i should have taken a look 2 days ago and answered your post, but to be honest i have been messing around in the Panda Remix, using the same Template/Macro i have posted, and it is working as intended. as far as your modifications of the Macro/Template i honestly don’t have a answer for, i guess you could say it’s like driving a used car off the lot, once it’s on the road your warranty expired.
But i play multiple Death Knights, and use the same macro on pretty much all of them even the Remix and leveling with it, when the talent becomes available it seems to be firing off as intended as well.

this build i am currently running and seem to have a ton of good fortune with it along with the macros, make sure you have both the rotation and the cool down macros created, using the rotation on your click button and the cool down can pretty much stay in your macro library.

Reanimation PvP talent?
Actually we haven’t used reanimation for quiet some time, but again it is there in case it you decide to run with it along with soul reaper.

Current Build:


One more edit:
As i have pointed out, if my Macro’s don’t work for you please try other creator’s. They may fit your playstyle.

Good Macro’s I recommend are below.

Always Crypts: Still humming along: Crypts Unholy Hole - #102 by Enmity
My creation was modeled from Crypt’s Original.

Elfyau’s does outstanding: Elfyau's DF v1.2 Unholy Death Knight **Updated 15-April-24** - #26 by Sah_Quel_Plaisir

Oak’s does real well, i almost gave up and put my Macro to bed, but it just didn’t fit my play style: OAK Unholy Single Target & AOE NEW! Raid and M+ 3/8/24 - #26 by Itzzjuicy


Semper Fi Brother

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holy cow this is the most broken macro i have ever used damage is insane nice job dude

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