Mythic+ MM Macro - Updated 10-Jan-2021

My first pass at MM macros.

Run at 100ms with 1-1/3-x-2-x-3-2/3 talents. If you really want to use Steady Focus talent you will need to put Steady Shot on a separate button and fire it twice when needed.

It’s not an all in one or any talent macro. It’s aimed at mythic+ use. Pet attacks are in there in case you have a pet up for solo use or Primal Rage.

Feel free to ask questions, but if you’re looking for ultimate dps nirvana you wont find it here.

Single Target (MM-SL-ST)


Multi Target (MM-SL-AOE)


Suggested Weak Aura

Recommended weak aura for telling you when you haven’t a target selected when in combat: Wago


Will give it a test m8 thx for making this macro already always nice to test something new :slight_smile:

Would like to know how it works out for you, was doing better dps than a couple of other macros I tried, but I didn’t run that many test tbh, still undecided whether to move from BM to MM, dps isnt that much different from BM with BM gear, probably is with less haste, more crit/mastery and a MM legendary though.

Updated as Explosive Shot was auto targeting which wasn’t wanted.

First of all thanks for sharing, I’m trying it out rn and I’m using it @100MS with AHK and SIMS to compare the damage output and the amount of used abilities by the SIM.

20 sec of:
SIM AOE 4xTraining Dummies: 18.2k
Macro AOE @ 4xTraining Dummies: 13.2k

I started the burst rotation myself with Double Tap, Explosive Shot, 2 min CDs (Wild Spirits, Blood Fury, True Shot), 2xAimed Shot and Rapid Fire, after that I just hold the macro button. I noticed some Aimed Shots firing without the Trick Shot buff from Multishot. That could be fixed by just taking a step so you shoot Multi Shot first and get your Aimed Shot afterwards. The cast time in True Shot is too fast to keep track of that tho. With Rapid Fire its ofc more of a problem because it’s instant and you cannot control it so easily. If I cast myself in the Volley window and hold the macro afterwards I get around 14k DPS.
If I cast the correct order myself I’m landing at 15.5k DPS.

SIM ST on 1 Training Dummy: 4.2
Macro ST on 1 Training Dummy: 3.7

Starting the Rotation myself aswell with Double Tab and 2min CDs, 2x Aimed Shot, Rapid Fire, Aimed Shot, Arcane, Rapid Fire into Aimed Shot, and selfcasting Lock and Load charges instantly the DPS was at 3.9 - 4.2k. The only problem, like you said, is keeping up Steady Focus up. Adding castsequences with double Steady Shot is just adding so much unspent focus into the rotation. better keep the focus low with them Arcane Shot procs. It’s a very nice balance overall.

Cheers man, need to take it to NHC Raid and M+ now :smiley:


Hello Faculty, what ilvl are you and what talents?

hey azvirus my ilvl is 207
ST: 1/1/x/1/x/3/2
AOE: 1/3/x/2 or 3/x/3/3
(I use Chimaera Shot for 2 target boss fights like Huntsman or Stone Legion Generals)

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Thank you, I am just shy of 200 ilvl but only seeing 2k-2.5k on a dummy.

I have some ideas for some modifications to make, but I agree that you are probably better starting with burst separately before then using the macro. The trouble with the macro is in making it focus efficient but then potentially missing out on aimed shots during volley or using rapid fire rather than aimed shot after a multi-shot. When manually firing all the abilities you can choose to hold off on an aimed shot if you know a volley or multi shot is coming but no such intelligence can be built into a macro, the most you can do is ensure important abilities are used asap on cooldown and that overall you are not focus starving or leaving too much focus in the bag.

I try to sim 1, 3 and 5 min when I make changes (1 min to check burst, 3 and 5 min to check longer encounters). Most bosses are dead in Mythics in 3’ish minutes, packs will be dead in less that 1 minute generally but you will be rolling multiple packs one after another so 5 minute is important too.

I’ll update when I get a chance.

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iLevel 212
1,1,x,2,x,3,2 Talents
Sim DPS ST: 4k
Macro DPS ST: 3.4k
Running at 100MS.

Didn’t do an opener myself purely to test out the macro as a whole, seems to be missing out on some slight arcane shots, I find myself capping my focus and sitting above 70 a lot.

Big fan of adding

/cast [mod:ctrl] Arcane Shot

to keypress and then using ctrl to consume second procs of precise shots and dump excess focus when the macro inevitably hiccups.

That’s a good idea as even if the focus consumption was spot on with dummies, in heavy movement fights you are going to have focus to spare from not getting off all your Aimed Shots.

Also works well if you’re just open world questing and you want to fire off a quick instant shot to pull or finish something off.

can you share your AHK setup or teach me how to set it up?

I really could use some assistance with these GSE macros (I’m new to this).
Can anyone reach out to me on discord on Hulk #2248


Insane Job dude! Thats the best Macro i found for MM Hunter so far. Tested it on Dummys and got 500-800 Dmg per Second more than my BM Hunter. Itemlevel 205 and tested on Dummys for one Minute both.
Changed Salve to ALT-Button.

How can I get this to target tank target and drop volley? I am dropping volley in left field the way it is lol.

I welcome your thoughts on putting in 2 lines to cast Concussive Shot and Tranquilizing Shot on CD. What might be the best way to include those for PvP even if it results in a net DPS loss?

Set your tank as your focus and try this:
/assist [noharm]
/cast Volly

Volley is being cast on your cursor position, if you are missing a lot add a modifier to the volley cast so you know when its going off, e.g. mod:ctrl or just plain mod if you dont care whether ctrl alt or shift is used. If you still have issues then take it out of the macro and cast it manually. You cannot cast it on a target in a macro.

Regarding concussive and tranquilizing shot for pvp, put them in the main body and they will be cast soon enough. Create a new version that is only activated in PVP/solo so you dont reduce damage in instances.