Need a new macro

Hello i love lazy macros because my wife hates if i am smashing the buttons and this way i can keep playing with a happy wife haha but i cant find the macro i need for prot warior i want a single target rotation and a multi target rotation macro 2 seperate because there are situations i need to get aoe aggro real fast and the single target macros wont do it fast enough can someone please help me with this?

What difference is there between ST and AoE for a Prot rotation?
None really.
And there are plenty of macros available here in the that hold aggro just fine. Pick a couple then tune it to your desire and go from there.

Yea didnt say their are no good all macros here are top notch but not exactly my play style it was a stupid question mis formulated atleast i love the macros here maybe i just need a guide on how to edit it to my play style but i just cant do it haha i failed 1000 times i just dont understand how it works maybe i need a guide on how to edit the macros then but i cant find one thats for beginers maybe you have some tips?

Oh yea since the new gse i dont understand it the old one was straight forward but now with the nlocks etc i just dont know what to do haha

Maybe these will help?: