New bug after 2.10.6

keep getting this; thought you’d like to know:

Message: Interface/AddOns/GSE/embeds.xml:16 Couldn’t open Interface/AddOns/GSE/Lib/LibDBCompartment/lib.xml
Time: Wed Mar 20 00:19:14 2024
Count: 2

have updated and reinstalled.

Perhaps had this been posted to the actual GSE support site instead of here I might have seen it 16 hours earlier. There is a bug icon in the top menu of this site that takes you to that site. There is even a sticky post in this section that links to there. GSE - Support and where to get help

I come here 1-2 times a week. Posting here that there is a problem here means I might see it. Posting to GSE’s actual home means I see it immediately.


oh well ty for fixing it…always happy to help thoughtful folks.

gee… thanks mr luke… i think…even tho i think that answer was kinda brash…hard to read and find everything… this site is such a cornucopia of answers and information some of us nerds have a difficult time of even knowing what to look for or ask… but anyway…thanks.

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thanks deano; I agree with you…don’t want to insult anyone because I really do enjoy using gse, but I’m not so much a fan of being rudely dismissed when I’m trying to be helpful.

I have vertigo/carsickness issues and vision reversal problems; this addon and the macros make the game much more accessible for me, but it’s really hurtful to be made to feel like dolt just for trying to contribute.

not everybody is as facile as others when it comes to traversing the internet and being able to find information quickly. I was in the middle of a raid and discovered the little message when I reloaded the ui; so I quickly tried to post the info as best I could. <

i completely agree with your points and ill be honest I don’t see eye to eye on a lot of things with @TimothyLuke
but he has been developing gse for so very long over many expansions I mean in battle for azeroth I would see him explain where to post for help or macro speed etc nearly every day multiple times a day honestly I think he is just burnt out having to explain the same thing over and over and over don’t take it as personal etc
tbh I think its the same even with the admins of the website too

so yeah pretty bad response so I completely agree with you but I also see it from his side in a general sense he responded not knowing your situation with health or you was rushing with raid etc etc

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thanks for your response. I see your point about fatigue setting in for him; so, me, too. :slight_smile:

This is meant with respect if it sounds curt, that is not the intention. This is the timeline of events:

  • Patch opens
  • next 20 mins - GSE updated following personal testing (It has to work for me first)
  • 2 mins - GSE Released to Patrons
  • 20 mins - GSE Clears Curseforge and is released for everyone (This delay is a due to Curseforge’s processes)
  • Encee downloads update
  • Encee notices error - posts to WLM
  • 11 hours later Someone posts error to Github
  • 10 mins later - fix is released
  • 2 mins later - another error found
  • 7 mins later - final fix released
  • 5 hours 30 mins later TL sees this thread post on WLM forums.

I appreciate that you were trying to help; however, I could have had a fix 11 hours earlier had this been posted to the GSE GitHub instead of here. No one here could fix that issue, as it was an issue with the mod as a result of 10.2.6. When a WoW Patch and GSE release happens I am watching two places: GSE’s Discord (Available to GSE Patrons) and GSE’s GitHub. I can’t watch every Discord and Website that uses GSE. This is one of several sites, not the only one.

Why am I watching GitHub - Every code change in GSE from the last 7 years is tied to a record on GitHub. Without one of those records, there are no code changes, patches or fixes to GSE. When someone asks why this exists or why has happened - it’s all tied to one of those records. GSE’s GItHub is the central place where I direct every community to submit issues, changes and bugs like this.

Is it fatigue? No, it’s frustration. Everyone wants to get grumpy when things don’t work but I cant fix what I don’t know about. All I am asking is help me help you. Put things like this where you know I’m going to see it.


last edit: this should start out with a big “thank you” for your all hard work, but

your very last sentence says it all: “where you know I’m going to see it”

now that I know; I will. then; in the moment, and since I had never posted to your bug forum before: I. did. not. know. I just did the best I could.

I wasn’t being grumpy; I just wanted to pare down the facts for you in a quick post without a lot of gab. and whatever happened to " ‘please’, put things where you know I’m going to see them"? that one word makes all the difference in the trajectory of your message.

I sincerely appreciate your work on gse and am thankful for having found it; however, it’s hard to get things expressed just right in internet text, but, sometimes, just think how you’re making the other person(s) feel by how you’re saying something.

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