New hunter end game raid/plus

273 / 5000

Risultati della traduzione

place my new separate macros single and aoe note 1) cd aspect of the forest + chosen congega + trinket are in a separate macro note 2) the macro will perform the rotation as best as possible by holding up barbed shot at maximum and performing a smooth rotation smoothly
the macro is written in Italian since I’m Italian so if addon doesn’t translate it automatically, just write the spells in your language thanks




Talents: 2132311

This macro contains 1 macro template. This Sequence was exported from GSE 3.0.53.





Talents: 2132311

This macro contains 1 macro template. This Sequence was exported from GSE 3.0.53.


macro for cd

#showtooltip spiriti selvatici
/cast aspetto della selva
/cast [@cursor] spiriti selvatici
/use 14
/use 13

please let me know how you are thanks to all

I appreciate your macro very much. I am a new level 60. In 2 days I have went from 110 item level to 213. The DPS is great. I have had bursts of up to 20k, and level off at around 4.5-5k DPS, with almost every dungeon, topping the chart or blowing out players with a much higher item level. Great work. What MS are you running this at?

what MS is this made on?

hi guys thanks for the feedeback, currently i set it to run at 50ms manually, but feel free to set it to your liking and preference.
I play using mouse corsair and I set the delay sequence ms to 50 of the key pressure, which I want to specify is not automated but I press it by hand. naturally in doing so the speed will always be that constant without problems.

what does Tiro Mortale mean?

Its translated to english as Deadly Shot so i think its Kill Shot.
Best Regards

yes kill shot spell tanks

Just wanna give some feedback regarding this macro.

Ty alot for this man :pray:

tanks tanks tanks I’m really glad you like it and it works well

nice work ! ; )
happy holidays

what does it actually say please ,timps

#showtooltip Wild Spirits
/cast Aspect of the Wild
/cast [@cursor] Wild Spirits
/use 14
/use 13

@gamers Grazie

WoW has a 20 second internal cooldown on trinkets, equip the trink you want to go off in the burst in slot 13 then 20 seconds later hit macro again and it should fire second trinket (this will be after burst)

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Awesome Macro, Thank you.
keep on rockin’ friend

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Is there a way to combine the two macros so that all you have to do is hold Shift down for AOE?

Copy the version , and on one make a shift modifier with the copy and pasted AOE macro in new blocks, just like the other combined macros.
I would recommend doing this yourself, as you can learn to modify, or create your own macros. These macros aren’t that hard to write, BUT they take a lot of time to make and test and even more time in answering questions or criticisms from others who wouldn’t attempt to write one in the first place. If you do this, and still have trouble, you will find a lot of help and further explanation into making your own macro or an upgrade to an existing one. A quick note, sometimes you lose dps in a large macro, so it might be better to make a “!” identifier on the name and make it a separate macro. Zeeble has a sub rogue macro currently doing this, after fixing the macro after the patch and combined it, i lost about 400 dps, and hung, never got the ctrl modifier working, so split it like he originally did and works flawlessly. Just something to consider.

@gamers - Very Nice Macro !! Awesome Job , Keep up the good work!

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This is sooooo true. It’s best to streamline any macro for yourself without any unneeded extra crap.
The longer the macro is the longer it takes to properly execute a rotation when a CD is needed to pop. This should be common knowledge.