New hunter end game raid/plus

post the new update for my macros:
I have optimized use of bestial wrath, barbed shot, so as to be used as precisely as possible in coldow tell me yours

new update singol



Talents: 2132311

This macro contains 1 macro template. This Sequence was exported from GSE 3.0.55.

new update aoe



Talents: 2132311

This macro contains 1 macro template. This Sequence was exported from GSE 3.0.55.

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For me absolutely perfect. Best what i have tested.
Thank you for sharing this.

yup definitely the best so far

O my God, this macro is really wonderful!! You deserve a nice comment!! Congratulations again!!! Great macro!!! Thanks soon!!!

Since I’m seeing “macro great” and “best macro” in here WITHOUT any response as to what or why it makes it so (as per usual) here’s my short take on it:

Tested both versions out and on my toon I get a little bit more DPS (+/- 100) from the first version as you went from a Block-based macro to a Loop-based macro with no mix of the two.

Tested on a Training Dummy a few times and in Raid.

Both versions kept up BS very well.
I’d add in another CS for sure or at least test it with another one in the rotation. (This is purely Stat based)
KC doesn’t quite go off as much as I like when it’s off CD (had to manually press it a few times) in both versions.
BC is normally very hard to keep up in a AoE macro due to the four second window that MS has to be used there’s a DPS loss for sure.
Not as close to my personal Sim as I’d like and still too far off from my own macros.

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do you have a macro to try ? i would love to try it out

agree some people just like to talk Sh**

@robadabobada @oiciniv

From my Guide (just scroll down a bit to “Disclaimer”):
I DO NOT AND WILL NOT release any of my macros to the public because they’re tailormade for me, my playstyle, gear, Talents, latency, etc. and you WILL get sub-par results. Macros are NOT one-size-fits-all. They’re not cookie-cutter. What works for the macro creator, me or you WILL be different.”

Since WoW has been on a downtime for quite a while now and GSE 3 being out 6-7 months now there should be no reason to work on making your own macros.

And I can “talk shit” @oiciniv because I’ve put in days creating my macros and updating them. How about you? Thank you for your contributions here on WLM I’m sure they’ve help many a macro creator and if you need help understanding what I wrote I’d be happy to help.


Can anyone please explain this ms thing… I’m using just a regular mouse…
Could anyone explain how to set it please…
Thank you

MS=millisecond, it is how fast you press your macro key. When talk of adjusting the speed it’s done by different methods, I use a Razer Naga Pro Wireless mouse and it’s program Synapse. That can be set it to spam a programmed button on the mouse (or keyboard) at a given speed such as .250 or 250 milliseconds.

I bought the logitech pro gaming mouse. In setting I set to 250
Is this correct?

Dunno, I don’t own anything Logitech. Google’s your best bet.

@Deezyl_Fizzlepop , @oiciniv Lets try to keep things civil and on topic guys.

@Solecutter yes on a Logitech 250 is correct which equates to 0.25 of a second


great macro

when i use them. there is being sent a messeage in the game chat. anyone else seen that ??? if yes is there a way to stop it ???

it comes whit this text “r

I have a serious question, how do I tailor make a macro for me? Or take one of the cookie cutter ones and modify it for my needs?

From my Guide:

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Thank you for your many contributions here on WoW Lazy Macros.

So because i dont make macros i use them it means my comment is irrelevant? Just goes to show what an absolute toxic toss piece you really are.