New macro 8.3 bm

Talents 2232212

This macro contains 1 macro version. This Sequence was exported from GSE 2.5.0.

Macro Version 1

Step Function: Priority

Pre Macro: Aspetto della Selva, Essenza del Cuore, Ira Bestiale

KeyPress: Morso, Slancio

Main Sequence: Ordine di Morte, Tiro Lacerante, Essenza del Cuore, Tiro del Cobra


ok just redo my personal macro test on the boss dummy coming to the test of 5 million damage and the result I would say that it is very good it would seem dps sustained average 43-47k to go down in the final to 38-40k I would say very good in case placed my macro for your feedback

note the macro is in Italian language so change the spell in English

let me know how you are all doing thanks to everyone

how much ms are you using the macro at?
also can you please update with the English version?

update: I was attacking the dummy until 5mil my dps was 40.1k
I sim for 40.6 unbuffed
I run the macro at 70ms

this macro is missing some utility like wake up or call pet but it looks very good

last update for today:

when i add the utility in the keypress window i lose 1k dps
Utility below
/targetenemy [noharm,dead]
/petattack [combat]
/cast Dash
/cast Wake Up
/cast Claw
/cast Bite
/cast Smack
/cast [nopet,nodead] Call Pet 2; [@pet,dead] Revive Pet

i guess i will keep the macro untouched at 70ms

Remove the /Cast Wake Up

420 ilvl hunt on dummy (40mil damage done) about 24-26k Looks nice :).

I confirm I’m currently using my macro and I’m item level 441 my dps oscillates between 40 47k always so I’d say it’s ok

ok im using this macro too at 70ms, im ilvl 429 , yet using details dps meter im only averaging 22.9k dps over a period of 5 million damage. Why is this not working so well for me

hello, look I have the same problem with the asbobanny macro that for me does not go beyond 30k dps, I do not know what could depend on the gear from the iazerite treats from the essence.

I update the current situation, my macro still continues to give me the best dps numbers currently I have climbed to item lilel 452 and I have 35.21% critical .
My numbers are a burst of 60k and an average then between 45-50k dps
I’d say they’re great in a macro.
note: the values I indicated are without any buff or tonic foods and potions. clearly in a raid scenario you will never have a fixed dps of 60k for various reasons well predefined tactical movements, so it is difficult to keep a fixed dps at maximum.
Besides, I still don’t have the optimal critical percentage for the build dance of death that should be at least 40% and above.

Hello, I’d love if you could throw me a hint or a tip… the problem is I can’t seem to get over 32k DPS on dummy test SingleTarget, when simulation shows 44k, no matter the macro, even tho I have ilvl 449. Does my gear suck that bad? I have 33% Crit chance. Tried many different talents and 30 to 70ms, activating buffs that I can. Please… what aspects can I improve on :wink:

hello, look it does not have all the macro works with the same numbers, even for me some macros here on the forum do not give the same values as others may depend on multiple factors (lag of the gear line different etc etc etc etc) considers however that basic 33% critical is low for the critical build you should have at least 40%. there are some days that it seems to me that the macro goes a little slow so bear with patience.

the problem with default sim settings is the sim you fully raid buffed, unless you’re doing the sim set on Patchwork which you should never do…that sets for a perfect sim in a perfect world…what Patchwork shows you only is what your best dps in a perfect world is…you’ll never hit those numbers consistently.

Complimenti, la macro funziona bene, il dps è costante, gg.

Just reporting my test on this macro. Unbuffed and without using any racials as maghar orc with spirit beasts and 554 ilvl dps started at 47K then went down to 36K after 3min.

554 ilvl???

Is that even possible?

450 ilvl Vulpera - unbuffed - no burst assistance outside of normal talents- 40 corruption - lvl 9 cloak

Ferocity Pet: Clefthoof - “Faultline”

Talents: 2-2-x-2-x-1-2

Main -
Worldvein Resonance

Breath of the Dying
Essence of the Focusing Iris
[The Unbound Force]

opening burst: 65 - 80k Raiders Dummy

3 minute settle time: 42k

5 minute test end: 38-39k

Raidbot set at Light Movement: 44,390k

5.5-6k dps difference

Working well…nice job.

Well, after moving essences around I got a different result. On the raid dummy DPS went to 50k at the beginning then went down to 40k, after 3min, dps kept going from 40 to 42k so this combo is actually maintaining the dps better.

I have Gara as my main pet and Magria as second. My stats unbuffed are Crits 27% Haste 17% Mastery 44% lvl8 cloak

I’m glad you’re comfortable with my macro. I’m continuing to simulate and use wowanalizer to see all the tips and stuff so I’d like to improve the macro even more and make it “perfect” to enjoy the game to the fullest. ideal of the macro would be some very specific tricks:

  1. have fixed the tearing shooting stacks 2/3
  2. to be able to manage well to the maximum kill command a coldow what I believe almost in fact in macro, (ideal is to use type 2/3 cobra shot in order to reset perfectly kill command).
  3. to be able to use trinket skill essence and other skills for a burst at full power and a yield in long cobattimenti (raid), so as to have a constant high dps.

my macro currently holds the above factors well, but i’m convinced that you can get even better results. thanks to all the lazy macro discord community for the media.

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new macro update posted it below not to remove the initial macro because maybe someone is better with it. tell me what you think about it thank you

Talents 2232212

This macro contains 1 macro version. This Sequence was exported from GSE 2.5.3.

Macro Version 1

Step Function: Priority

Pre Macro: Ira Bestiale

KeyPress: Sfregio, Folgore Spirituale, Slancio

Main Sequence: Ordine di Morte, Tiro Lacerante, Essenza del Cuore, Tiro del Cobra

KeyRelease: Ira Bestiale

Post Macro: Ira Bestiale

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