Hello everyone, I would firstly like to thank Elfyau and michael.riga for their work on the macro. They both provided the launching board for what I have created.

The macro is ST by default but all you have to do to switch to Chain Lightning and Earthquake is hold the SHIFT key (remember to keep your cursor on your targets because that’s where the macro will drop Earthquake).

I run this build between 80 and 100 ms on my Logitech - I tried faster and slower and this seemed to get the best sims - this might need to be adjusted based on your haste / latency.

Holding ALT will cast Heart Essence - If you are running BEAM then I recommend turning off the macro before casting.

Holding CTRL will cast Capacitor Totem on cursor - VERY useful for M+ dungeons.

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Macro Version 1

Step Function: Sequential

Pre Macro:

KeyPress: Contains various utility functions.

Main Sequence:

Post Macro:

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I believe you should /use Heart Essence instead of /cast. Otherwise GSE changes name and you have to update macro when you change essences.

I didn’t see the Capacitor totem in your macro.

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Thanks for catching the Capacitor Totem thing - it was not in there.

I tested /cast for changing essences and it works fine no matter what essence you use.

I updated OP with the correct macro.

Hi mate!

Very nice macro!
I´ve only changed the flameshock section for me.
Runs smooth :smiley:

Good work!

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What did you do with flameshock?

I spent hours testing whether to put it in the pre-macro or in the rotation. Just curious what your solution was.

Bro i was sceptic but damn im impressed.
It hits like sim spot on, and then i mean abilities used.
im just low so i sim 20 k and do 18.2.

But damn, comparing a 5 min sim on dummy to skada its like 100 %.

U nailed it.

That said i dont understand why people put totems and such
on modifiers. I mean, with only one button used on keyb besides the movement, u have a hell of a lot spare to put macro’s like

/cast [@cursor] Capacitor totem , around those keys

to drop em. Also took fire elem out, the cd is to big to waste on trash.

Personally i play with a 12 key side mouse so all is at thumb.

Gonna see if i like this in mythics, just got bored on my 465 dh.

I run it btw on 20 ms with 12 ms ping ingame

Made a second macro ( copy ) without the modifiers on aoe so i can use it on a diff mouse button.

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@luc-snijders - thanks for giving it a try - I worked pretty hard on it.

I definitely encourage diving into the macro and modifying it to fit your play style :slight_smile:

I think for me, putting the cap totem on a modifier ensure it’s use without having to fight a macro running 20ms. If you’re running high keys (18’s+) a fraction of a second matters on when that cap totem lands so I would just feel more comfortable slapping it on a mod.

I also main a DH and have Chaos Nova set to ctrl - so on all of my toons I’d be inclined to set the stun / aoe stun to the same thing to provide some continuity.

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Have a bit of gear now. 438

Sim’d again: 28.2 k Raidbots. 5 min test on dummy 27.8 k, thats amazing.

Just running the essences i have now.

Thanks again, finally enjoy my shaman.

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@luc-snijders - this make me so happy!

Thanks for this awesome macro! It make’s me play my shamy again.
I still blasting dmg meters with it, thanks again for it.
Possible u will make a enhancer macro too?

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That’s awesome bro.

I didn’t plan on making an Enhance macro but I’ll see what I can do :slight_smile: