Elemental Shaman Single Target first view of macro performance

I was/am investigating which Shaman Specification GSE macro, can perform respectively compared to Raid Bot sims dps: My GSE enhancement spec macro performance varies from 62.5 % to 75% of RaidBot simmed dps depending on fights.

The performance for GSE elemental macro listed below compared to RaidBot simmulations varies from: 38% to 67% at first view on dummy.

Big thanks to everybody that keeps us busy with contributions and testing their macros.

Important here to remember is that this review below is only my experience working with the elemental macros and from my experience this performance might differ quite a lot from person to person.

Macros are executed for 5 min. on dummy fights with a iLVL 470 with close to optimal Single Target Corruptions equipped. Talents have been set to match each GSE macro, eventhough some of talents chosen are not that ideal and are very far from being able to perform as well as other talents.

38k Elfyau's Elemental Shaman 8.2.5 One Button and ST/AOE Macro's
28k Elemental Shaman - Damn it feels good to be a gangsta
35k Super Lazy Elemsham
52k Moe's swaggi elemental shaman 7.2.5
27k Elementar Shaman GSE Macro for BFA 8.2.5 - Quick SIM - Huge Potential
46k Elemental Shaman 8.2
42k Icefurybuild?
34k 8.1.0 Elemental Shaman Tides of Vengeance Dungeon/World Macro
46k Single Target and AOE macros

Hope others can benefit from this review and save a lot of time not having to go through each macro themselves. I am hopeful that i one day can contribute with a macro and share many years of Shaman experience, but its damn hard work making these macros perform :slight_smile:


Awesome post!! I love this! Thank you for sharing with us!

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Personally I think instead of DPS - the % to SIM should of been listed.

I just tested ELFYAU’s and it simmed 87% - (which btw awesome job ELFYAU)

so I have no clue how you tested it and the others - also some macros listed aren’t ‘true’ lazy - meaning you have to keep stuff up like Flame Shock or manually deploy Fire Elemental … how did you do those macros ?

This is how I SIM stuff do you do something different ??

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Thanks for testing these macros out.

I was pretty scared to post my macro originally but I spent several hours testing small changes and felt that maybe my work could help someone else.

This macro really made me love playing the shaman - but I am not comfortable with running more than 1 button macros. I just feel like it gets too complicated toggling on / off different ones so I’m ALWAYS looking for a 1 button solution.

Glad to see my macro did so well for you :slight_smile:

Kudos to EVERYONE who builds macros - you guys are the real heroes <3

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