Hello All,

Here is my Macro for the Havoc Demon Hunter.
Please be aware, this may work for you, it may not.

23rd January: Tried to get Chaos Strike & Blade Dance to fire more, which I sorta did.
*You can swap between Glaive Tempest (hardeer trash) & Ess Break (harder bosses) as you wish. *
GT will auto fire, whereas EB is on Modifier.
Also going from M+ to raid you change between SerratedGlaive(Raid) & Ragefire(M+)
For harder bosses in M+ you can also change Furious Gaze for Isolate Prey

How I Play

AHK firing at 100ms
I Like to use my Macro Button as F, this way its next too and inbetween all the fundamental buttons I use to play WoW.
Which then Leaves me to fill all the other Abilities I wish to fire manually on either:
E, R, T, Z, X, C. and also the SHFT & CTRL version of those keys.

The reason I don’t use the Number Keys or Q is because I use them for the same on all my toons.
Q - Kick / Interrupt
1- Focus @Target (This is so i can target a mob i want to kick, while focusing dmg on another)
2- Taunt (although its never pressed unless Im tanking)
3- Health Stones.
4- Health Potion.

By me doing this, it creates a consistancy across all characters and builds muscle memory.
Obviously, Play how you want to Play.



Usage Information

UPDATED AS OF: 23rd January 2024
SHIFT- The Hunt
CTRL - Ess Break

This macro contains 2 macro templates. This Sequence was exported from GSE 3.1.53.

  • The Default macro template is 1
  • Raids use template 2








Too many characters !

too many characters where?

I’ve changed something simple, I dont get error anymore? try it now.

are you pressing the macro yourself or what’s your ms? i definitely want to test this out

AHK on 100ms, i should probably mention that in the post xD

You also have your mythic+ talents listed twice, but ppl can just look at the raid picture and make the changes themselves. Good work! Thanks for sharing. :smiley:

With new dh changes they will be meta. So dh macros are gonna be high demand

True, but the way the class works will still be the same… Build, Spend, Repeat.
Its just working in some new ways to incorporate any minor changes.
E.g. in 10.2 i think Throw Glaive becomes more viable, so ill find a way to better fit that in.

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ooooooo thanks, ill change them soon :slight_smile:


i noticed there’s no eye beam, is that intentional? @NoobSlayer

it’s just the core rotation, the eye beam you put on a different key. the marco works well you just gotta press a few buttons yourself

Yes its intentional.
Its the core rotation as Wonka said above, you just manage Momentum Timer with Retreat & Rush and fire Eye Beam Yourself :slight_smile:

Also for Notice, I’m having a hiatus/break from WoW until S3 releases :slight_smile:

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Macro has been updated for 10.2!
Only M+ atm. I am still messing with things so it runs as best as it can so bare with me!

Changes made:
Glaive tempest & Ess Break are no more!

Fel Barrage is now in the Talents but it is fired with ALT!


As someone who just started out post Legion with DH. I truly appreciate your macro!

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Hi @NoobSlayer any reason why you havent included felblade into the macro?

I’ve always found that felblade, fel rush, and the hunt should be off macro.

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Better fired manually, You backing out of a swirly and holding your macro button because you might still be in the melee range and BOOM fel rush goes off, flies you into said swirly. Now you’re dead and your group hates you for doing a dumb thing xD

In Short, Any form of movement ability is better kept manual.

If The Hunt is available, i will start most fights with Retreat & then the hunt.
If Hunt is not available, then I fel rush in, let the macro fire immo aura, fire a couple abilities and then Retreat out & Fel Rush when inertia proc is on like 3-4s left :slight_smile:

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Guys, anyone who uses my macro, could you kindly let me and others know how you find it?
Is your dps looking nice? is it working/rotating good for you?
All this helps me :slight_smile:

I’ve been using it in M+ and getting at least 130k overall. Feels pretty good to me, but honestly haven’t compared it to any of the other current builds.

Whats your ilvl?

I’m a 441 ilvl dh, with id say8 90% bis from S2 and like 2 new pieces (wrist & cape) from s3 and im averaging between 170k-190k depending on the key