[nTx] Do you know the ZUG? [Level 70] [Warrior] [Fury] [Dragonflight]


Not allowed to post anything about d iscord on this website, word is censored, my server link is censored.


Take it or leave it, it’s my work, not yours. If you edit the macro by yourself and it doesn’t work just delete it and try again, don’t ask questions about your edited macro.


UPDATED: 26/01/2023


V1: Raging Blow
V2: Anihilator


Why is not here an AOE macro? Because it’s not needed and you get low damage input with WW spam.

Each 4 GCDs use 1 Whirlwind, thats your AOE.


These are the talents I’m using for…

Mythic+ Raging Blow


Raid Raging Blow


Raid Annihilator



I tested it, I found the macro consistent, this idea of individualizing the main CDs was great. I think it would even be interesting to have a variant of your macro for PVP, which is missing here at the moment.

I will test more in the next week of m+ and I will return with feedbacks.

Yo, NTX! first off thanks for the macro, it feels very smooth. I did have one question though. I ran your MT and ST macros and noticed that execute is not being cast. When I get an execute proc it stays lit up until it goes away, is this happening for you or anyone else? I haven’t edited the macro or anything, just using it how you have it.

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Updated to manage better execute, thanks for the feedback


You think you can work a maccro for the M+ because it arrives this week

And what should i change to Mythic+ if its the same just with more hp and damage? It’s going to be the same macro…

one more question NTX, when you update the macro should I grab it from the top or from the middle of your reply?

I update the main post so its allways updated.


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Thanks man, i appreciate it!

how do you use it? do you spam macro on 1 and 2, and what next in your rotation, looks like many manual casts

Do you want to ST? 1

Do you want to AOE? 2

Do you want to pop up your CDs? Manage them as you like.

Isn’t that hard isn’t it? This macro isn’t supposed to let my keyboard play for me, there’s no fun on that and that can be something like a routine, and I’m against that.

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Hello. very nice macro. Im using the pvp one. Is there a reason raging blow is not included in the macro?

EDIT: i saw now that it’s the annihilator build. I just added raging blow after Bloodthirst

You’ve not raging blow on the talents i linked.


pvp macro is auto using my trinkets, how do i change this?

Open it, go to version 1 (the number on top)… scroll down to the botton and right click onto pvp trinket slot until its blackened out.

My bad on that, gotta change it.

Hi everyone! Just updated the macros, you can find them on main post.

Feedback is welcome.


PD: PVP Version has trinkets disabled by default now.

Rampage doesn’t seem to trigger as consistently as previous versions on both the ST and MT macro. Love the macro, though! Thanks for your work.

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Gonna check it, gimme few mins.

Thank you for the feedback!

No rush! It’s no trouble to manually cast Rampage when it procs. Have a handy weak aura that makes it obvious.

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Updated :wink:

Try it out if it performs better, let me know!

Thank you

EDIT: Did a few tweaks more, now it’s even more consistent. Sorry for the delay