[nTx] Do you know the ZUG? [Level 70] [Warrior] [Fury] [Dragonflight]

I removed it because it was so inconsistent. Use the v2 (annihilator build) with your pvp talents build, that should work.



Hey m8. Do you have any plans to update/tweak for the new tier gear?

@nTx Same Question as @John_Courtney You have any intentions of updating this? :smiley:

Thanks m8. Trying it out. Is there a reason I’m not getting for the pretty insane amount of WW when there is no meatcleaver talented? The ST does seem very bad, just a Fury is bad at ST atm issue?

If you’re interested in posting a macro of your own. Create a new thread, thank you.

I’m still updating few macros first then I’ll update the ones on the forum.

@nyxtyr Please make your own thread if your going to post your own macro. This thread is only for the creators macros.

Honestly thought that was you nTx. explains why I hated the macro :slight_smile:

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I was posting a modified version of YOUR macro with 10.1 updates and what I was testing. I figured what better place to post that than in the comments of your macro since it’s your macro with my modifications. Creativity and support is what I was going for but clearly you didn’t take it that way. Sucks you got offended from that, but I now know.

It was a modified version of the creators macro. These comments I assume are for exactly that. To post replies of alterations and other support, complaints and whatever else are they not?

Just please create your own thread on ANY aka, not original, thus modified macros. Thanks.

Understood now after being attacked and hated on for trying to help support a macro. Think maybe if the creator didn’t want posts he should’ve maybe stated it in his thread at the top with the other disclaimer info and what not to prevent it. I mean lots of other threads have revised macros and so on in the comments so one can only assume this thread would be similar since it wasn’t stated. Again my bad for trying to help support the community here.

Lemme copy paste what first post in this thread says:

If you really think that means, please post your edited/modified macros here that doesn’t mean that.

Thanks mods @Siodar and @Deezyl_Fizzlepop for keeping it clean.


Yes. No where is there states not to post a modified macro. States not to ask questions but encourages to make modifications.

It’s just common sense to ask the OP of any macro if you can post one. And if anyone creates a thread and uses someone else’s macro it’s also common sense to give credit to the original OP. Same thing with WA’s, UI’s, etc…

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Cleaned up the thread as we said what we had to say.

Please keep things on topic…

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Cleaned up the thread AGAIN because Apocraphyx_1335 cannot read.

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Hi [nTx],

Sorry if I unknowingly started any drama. I’m still using an old version of your macro, just with a wa for tracking the new 4 piece. Still works well but any tweaks you can recommend I’d take. Tried multiple authors, yours fits my playstyle and physical issues the best :slight_smile:

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Hey, any chance there’s a version of this without charge? I gave it a go myself but it just /s ~charge~ over and over. I keep ending up in the next group and dead.

I had this a lot when I start using it, just stop spamming it when a mobs at like 95% :slight_smile:

Just open the macro and delete where it says charge.