[nTx] IMA FIRIN MAH LAZOR [Level 70] [Demon Hunter] [Havoc]


Not allowed to post anything about d I scord on this website, word is censored, my server link is censored.


Take it or leave it, it’s my work, not yours. If you edit the macro by yourself and it doesn’t work just delete it and try again, don’t ask questions about your edited macro.

If any one of your loadouts on either havoc or vengeance have the Precise Sigils talent then it disabled the self cast macro for all specs and loadouts…

So check both Havoc and Vengeance and disable it everywhere.


UPDATED: 22/03/2023




These are the talents I’m using:

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Hey! I have been looking around on Razer Synapse to find the feature which gives your macro presses a random delay between 100-250ms. Unfortunately I do not think there is such an option, if there is I would love to know. Good work and thank you for this macro!

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Random is only avaliable on AHK because u can setup a variable that’s random between 2 numbers.

On Razer Synapse or LGS that isn’t avaliable.

Leave your feedback on the macro once you test it out, so if there’s room for improve I’ll try to.

Thank you!

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I’m fairly new to this and just got back into WoW, so my feedback may just be due to my ignorance but I’ll give it a go. Only noticed (unless I’m blind), Glaive Tempest and Felblade are missing from the sequence. Other than that, the macro works just fine for dungeon runs/content clearing. It performs long enough to kill a group of trash mobs but for tougher opponents like bosses it has it’s downtime which I would assume is normal.

Not much of value to my feedback but there it is, solid work. :slight_smile:

Felblade is there, to recover position once the target is away from you.

About Glaive Tempest, I uploaded the wrong screenshot and talent sequence. I’m gonna fix it, gimme 5 min.

Thanks for the feedback

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I was going to say, Glaive Tempest is in the talents but you managed to edit your post beforehand. Let me know when it’s done. Thank you! =)

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It was the screenshot that was the wrong one from wowhead. Now its showing the talents I’ve used to make the macro.

Try it out with this new talents so maybe it will have less downtime and perform better :wink:

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Still gives me glaive talent

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This is the string for the talents of the screenshot, wowhead system had a problem exporting strings.

Try this one.

EDIT: Also added glaive throw to the macro, so it will act as a filler on downtimes or to kill fodder from talent.

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Works very well now, thanks for the quick replies and adjustments! Sorry for taking up the entire comment section =)

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Dont worry, you’re welcome.

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what’s this build best for ? AOE? ST -mix of both ?

I didnt see a clear difference like with warrior that you have to switch your spender into whirlwind from slam… So i would say its a general purpose.

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Just a quick note on this Macro. It has Annihilation and Death sweep in the blocks. Those should be Chaos Strike and Blade Dance. The DH DPS system understands if you are in Meta that Chaos Stirke = Death Sweep but it does not understand Death Sweep = Chaos Strike, meaning if you are out of Meta the macro does not cast those two spells. Changing these greatly improved performance on this macro. Additionally, disable trinket use as it will stop your eyebeam cast early.

As you said system understands that and the system itself did change it without any kind of manipulation by me. Gonna upload it again later but it changes…


Let’s see the code it’s uploaded on main post, on this specific point:

Chaos Strike & Blade Dance

You didn’t notice it changes automatically on each metamorphosis and checked after one, macro is working as intended as I said in my last post. And if you think it’s still wrong, don’t worry I’m going to make it read-only so it doesn’t change.

EDIT: Updated on main post.

What would be the best way to add Arcane Torrent to this?

Well rn is neutral to alliance and horde

If you need arcane torrent I can add it in a 2nd version that u can use it.

thank you, i would appreciate it

Random delay between a top and bottom limit is also available on all the Corsair mice in their iCue software.

M65, Nightsword, and Scimitar are all solidly usable mice. I’ve flipped back and forth between Logitech, Corsair, and Razer for years. I’m back on Corsair at the moment.