One-Button Macros vs SimBot --- does it matter?

My BM Hunter does about 3.8K DPS at lvl115 using a one-button macro. RaidBot’s SimBot says the theoretical ‘max’ should be 4.2K. I consider that pretty good, considering they use potions and feasts that I’m not. On my other characters, notably spriest, druid (albeit at lower levels) my DPS is less than 50% what SimBot says it can be. What would you guys consider a good relationship between one-buttons and simbots?

Sims is perfect case scenario, so far with my DH, Hunter and Rogue I have had raid dps between 85-100%. With melee (and BM) you dont have movement penalty, so it’s easier to parse. So if you have a spriest, you move alot and you don’t utilize your CDs as the optimized way would. Also if you use certain skills as a mob dies and you waste the rest of a big spell. So I dont expect as high on casters, but melee I’ve seen easily 90-100% but others might have good experience with casters!

What macro are you using to get those good Rogue parses?

@Krille Right now I use Outlaw - Slice and Dice - BFA 8.1.5 but moved the “finishing moves” to modifiers. So basically the rotation builds up my combo points and when 5-6, I press “shift”, “ctrl” or “alt” depending on finishing I want!