Option for GSE 2?

I would really like an option to still use GSE 2 layout :frowning:


According to what Timothy said, there won’t be any “GSE2 layout” in GSE3.
You can still use GSE2 if you want.

But if I were you, I would try to learn how to use GSE3 because this is the version that has Timothy’s attention and where his development is focussed.

Mate if you’re used to riding horses and someone give you a Ferrari. You can try to put your saddle on the roof and add a bridle to the bumper - that won’t make the car go. There is a learning curve yes but it’s a huge difference.

The differences underneath GSE2 and 3 are that different that there is no way possible for the old UI to sit on top and do anything.

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Is there a list or a guide for the If statements/ variables we can use in game?

Ah okey no problem thank you

Google “WoW API” and “lua” - anything in there that doesn’t depend on combat that ends with a return true Or a return false you can use. This is something that has to be computed out of combat so can’t be things like my health, a proc, my combo points or mana, my enemies left foot etc.

thanks haha I just found the other post you already gave the answer to :slight_smile: